4D Vision Gym Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary and Shift to Digital Vision Programs

 4D Vision Gym to Expand Online Vision Programs to Serve More Patients Across the US

CROMWELL, Conn., May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 4D Vision Gym, founded by Behavioral Optometrist Dr. Juanita Collier, MS, OD, FCOVD, today announced 4D Vision Gym will offer expanded online vision programs across the U.S. to serve an even larger population. The 4D Vision Gym is celebrating their ten-year anniversary by consolidating their Cromwell and Cheshire, Conn. brick-and-mortar practice locations, offering in-person treatment for patients exclusively at their Cheshire location.

“After over 20 years of watching my patients grow up, go to college, have children, and come back with their families, I could never give up seeing patients in the office,” said Collier. “Since we want to reach so much farther than is possible with one-on-one treatment, our digital programs allow us the platform to serve millions while we simultaneously provide the in-office connection and quality of care that you’ve come to expect from 4D Vision Gym.”

The 4D Vision Gym directly supports parents, caregivers, educators, therapists and providers through tackling the struggles children face in sports, academics and behavior due to vision issues.

“The adults in a child’s life can help them advocate by exploring options, questioning traditional models and empowering children to self-advocate and find the root cause of their vision issues,” Collier said. “With digital programs, 4D Vision Gym can address preventative, non-surgical treatment for the most common eye ailments including lazy eyes, crossed eyes, blurred and double vision, convergence insufficiency and vision-related reading and learning disabilities.”

Click here to learn more about Vision Therapy and how 4D Vision Gym is at the forefront of parental advocacy and child wellness. Patients and prospective patients can schedule an exam, Vision Therapy, and learn more about remote treatment options by visiting www.4DVisionGym.com.

About 4D Vision Gym
4D Vision Gym is a leading-edge Optometric Vision Therapy (OVT) practice that specializes in treating and empowering patients to overcome vision-related academic, athletic, and occupational challenges. Whether struggling with poor reading comprehension, low work productivity, or slow reaction time on the field, 4D Vision Gym’s elite team of Board-Certified Optometric Vision Therapists trains patients to correct their specific vision issues. Visit www.4DVisionGym.com today to learn more and find 4D Vision Gym on Facebook and Instagram.

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