Abbella Medical Staffing Announces Travel Nurses Are in High Demand Due to COVID-19

OWINGS MILLS, Md., Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abbella Medical Staffing, a medical agency specializing in travel nursing, announces that travel nurses are in high demand due to COVID-19. “We are seeing more demand now more than ever for our travel nurses,” says Thomas Wambui, President of Maryland-based Abbella. “They are filling a need and helping people all across the United States.”

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been using travel nurses for decades, relying on them to fill short-term vacancies due to family leave, illnesses, or to fill a gap when staff retires or leaves their position. Now, because of the rise in those admitted to hospitals for COVID-19, travel nurses are in even more demand with hospitals and healthcare centers now facing staffing shortages due to workers having to quarantine or being sick themselves.

For travel nurses at Abbella Medical Staffing agency, this is a great time to be a travel nurse. Not only do travel nurses get to travel and experience other healthcare facilities, but they will be paid more due to the shortage of travel nurses. That being said, there are additional challenges travel nurses may face, such as having to quarantine themselves, higher stress, and more hours. While this can come with the territory of being a nurse, the added pressure of a COVID-19 environment can be a huge stressor.

Abbella Medical Staffing takes care of their travel nurses. They offer 24-hour support, advice, counsel, and other services. Their number-one goal is to ensure their travel nurses have everything they need to be successful no matter where they go. If travel nursing sounds like an opportunity to take advantage of, visit their website at and click on their “apply now” button.

About Abbella Medical Staffing

Abella Medical Staffing’s mission is to improve the outcome of healthcare everywhere, by connecting adventurous medical professionals and respected facilities through an attentive and organized staffing process. They help place travel nurses where they are needed all across the country, and they ensure their travel nurses have a say in where they go, what type of assignments they take, and the work they will be doing. Their mission is for both hospitals and travel nurses to find a win-win for all. To learn more, contact them at today.

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