Acclaimed Music Producer Tony Mantor’s Why Not Me The World Autism Podcast Ranks In Top 3% Worldwide, With Audiences In 21 Countries & 140 Cities

Tony is pivotal in helping the world understand autism directly from autistic people and their families. This podcast is giving a voice to people who would otherwise not be heard and bridging the gap between awareness and understanding.”
Tori Clarke, Autistic artist and poet & Episode #1 guest

Mantor interviewed by Authority Magazine & Life Box Media Channel, with upcoming appearances in Middle Tennessee Source & Talk Radio Europe

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In the more than 3 million of podcasts available on the global market, Nashville based Music Producer Tony Mantor’s new Autism focused podcast series called Why Not Me The World is currently ranked in the Top 3% of podcasts worldwide, according to Listen Notes. Reaching listeners in 121 countries and over 140 cities around the world, he’s already receiving a positive reaction from the listeners.

“An inspiring journey of autism awareness and acceptance,” says listener Ethaiam. “Listening to this podcast has given me a newfound perspective on the challenges that individuals with Autism face and the incredible strength they possess. It has also shown me that no matter where we are in the world, we can find common ground and support one another.”

Episode #1 of Why Not Me The World premiered on June 28 with London based artist and poet Tori Clarke, who was not diagnosed as autistic until her 40s. Tori opened up about the emotional rollercoaster she’s faced, the cost of masking autism, and how she’s learned to embrace her unique journey as a London-based artist and poet.

Upcoming guests include a worldly group of professionals from the entertainment industry, thought leaders in Autism, parents, and others from the Autistic community who will share more inspiring stories and perspectives.

Why Not Me The World is available now on all major podcast outlets including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, all other major podcast platforms, and

Episode Schedule: 

  • June 28 – Tori Clarke / UK based artist and poet
  • July 12 – Beth Tignor / Mother of Autistic child
  • July 26 – Paul Cimins / Founder & President, Autism Radio
  • Aug 09Kyle Jetsel / Parent of two autistic children
  • Aug 16Faria Arsh / Author of Toilet Training for Autistic & SEND Children and Adults
  • Aug 23Brei Carter / Singer-Songwriter, Author at Music Is Medicine
  • Sept 06 – Rachel Mosely, PHD in Psychology
  • Sept 13 – Ali Carbone / Author of What Are You Looking At
  • Sept 20 – Hope McPheeters / Co-Founder, Autism Support Now
  • Oct 04 – Cannon Moore / Autistic Music Producer
  • Oct 11Jenny Crawford, BA, CHRL / Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine
  • Oct 18George Bailey / President, Zpods & Father of three autistic children
  • Nov 01 – Howard Preistley / Music Director, Phoenix Radio (UK)
  • Nov 15 – Victor Antunez / Author of The Autism & Special Needs Relocation Blueprint & Parent of autistic daughter
  • Nov 29 – Patrick Sisk / ABA Therapist & Comedian
  • TBA – Erin Murphy / TV Actress, Bewitched
  • TBATina Lee / Mother, AGT Winner Kodi Lee

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Jason W. Ashcraft

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