Adfire Health Presents Reports on Top Priorities for Physician and Nursing Candidates

RIVERSIDE, Conn., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Adfire Health, a leading provider of healthcare recruitment marketing solutions, has released two comprehensive, data-focused reports based on proprietary research conducted within the healthcare industry.

The first report, “What Nurses Value Most at Work,” is based on a survey of 752 Registered Nurses across 30 specialty areas and over 30 states. The report delves into valuable data on what nurses look for in an employer, which benefits matter most to RNs, why nurses reject certain employers, and messaging tips to appeal to nursing candidates. Hospital executives, including CEOs, CHROs, and CNOs, and Talent Acquisition teams can use insights from the report to attract top nursing talent more effectively. 

The second report, “What Physicians Value Most at Work,” highlights insights based on a survey of 112 physicians across 30 specialty areas and 35 states. The data and findings in the report highlight the most important workplace factors to physicians, the percentage of MDs looking to switch employers, the reasons physicians reject prospective employers, and how healthcare employers can attract physician candidates with smarter messaging. 

Anthony Gentile, Managing Partner at Adfire Health, expressed enthusiasm about the findings. “Our commitment to understanding the dynamic landscape of healthcare recruitment is evident in the depth and breadth of these reports. By surveying a diverse range of physicians and nurses, we’ve uncovered invaluable insights that will not only benefit our clients but contribute to the overall improvement of the healthcare industry.”

Adfire Health’s proprietary research methodology ensures the reports provide accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their recruitment and retention strategies. The company remains at the forefront of healthcare recruitment marketing, empowering clients to inspire, engage, and nurture the top clinical talent that drives excellence in patient care.

For more reports, how-to guides, and case studies on physician and healthcare recruitment, visit Adfire Health’s Insights Center.

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