After Loss of Grandchild, Montana Family Launches Nonprofit for Safer Births in Colombia

KALISPELL, Mo., Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In response to the heart-wrenching loss of their newborn grandchild in Colombia last year, Montana residents Tom and Danette Sefcak have launched Edens Gift, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing midwives in underserved areas with vital medical resources and training to prevent similar tragedies.

Eden’s Gift aims to reduce Colombia’s high infant mortality rates by providing midwives in underserved areas with advanced tools, essential medicines, training, and improved birthing facilities for safer childbirth. They seek to provide portable ultrasound machines, fetal heart monitors, neonatal CPAP devices, as well as crucial IV antibiotics and oxytocin. Through comprehensive training, they are providing midwives with the skills to confidently use these resources, ultimately saving lives. Their commitment goes beyond technology and medicine – Eden’s Gift empowers midwives, ensuring better outcomes for babies and mothers alike.

Colombia has a high infant mortality rate of over 11 per 1,000 births, more than double that of the United States. In remote areas, the rate might be even higher due to underreporting.

Inspired By Loss, Driven By Hope

After losing our precious grandchild moments after birth, we felt compelled to help prevent this kind of tragedy for other families,” said co-founder Danette Sefcak. “Our mission with Eden’s Gift is to make birthing safer for Colombian mothers and babies.”

“The neonatal suction devices donated by Eden’s Gift have already saved several babies,” said Alexandra Novack Bustamante, a midwife in Santander, Colombia. “We desperately need better tools and technology. With them, we can act quickly to save babies’ lives when seconds matter most.”

Help Save Lives of Colombian Babies and Moms

Eden’s Gift relies on donations to fund training, donate supplies, establish clinics, and spread awareness. People can also volunteer, host fundraisers, and share posts on social media. Every act of generosity helps save lives. Donations can be made at

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About Eden’s Gift

Edens Gift was founded in 2022 by Tom and Danette Sefcak after the loss of their newborn grandchild in Colombia due to a lack of adequate medical resources. Their nonprofit provides training, technologies, medicines, facilities, and education to empower local midwives and make childbirth safer for mothers and babies facing similar challenges.

Danette Sefcak, Executive Director

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