Ai2 Announces the Future of Remote Client Monitoring with the Launch of CareMate

RENO, Nev., May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Algorithmic Intuition (Ai2) today announces the launch of CareMate remote client monitoring. CareMate is a device, neuronet-supported software, dashboard, and mobile application that come together to create the ultimate client monitoring and reporting solution.

The CareMate device is rechargeable and reusable. The discreet device is worn on the client’s core and delivers accurate vital statistics, activity levels, and fall detection data 24/7/365.  The data is analyzed by the neuronet-supported software to identify trends and sudden changes, and the results are delivered to the dashboard.

The CareMate dashboard provides at-a-glance access to patient data. As data is received, the results are dynamically displayed, and the highest risk clients move to the top of the list. If a wearer stumbles or has a sudden increase in body temperature, that client is highlighted and moved to the top of the dashboard. As a bonus, alert thresholds are configurable at the client level to reduce alarm fatigue.

To support preventive care and identify changes in trend data, caregivers receive a daily report via email that clearly shows the client’s vital statistics data over the previous 21 days. Family members and loved ones access real-time data via the CareMate mobile application.

In addition to CareMate data, the open-architecture software is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices to provide a holistic approach to monitoring and reporting. The CareMate device can be reassigned to new users, allowing facilities to leverage the solution’s total cost over multiple clients.

“Accurate, continuous client monitoring supported by trend analysis and delivered to a dynamic dashboard provides caregivers and loved ones with peace of mind,” says Dan Brown, CEO of Ai2. “We are excited about the future of remote client care and are confident that CareMate provides a solid foundation on which facilities can build towards the future.”  

The CareMate solution results from two years of field trials, during which the CareMate team worked with skilled caregiving facilities, home care, and home health care teams. As a result of these efforts, the Ai2 team has become uniquely familiar with the challenges associated with remote client care and has developed a solution that provides wearers with increased quality of life and supports health care workers by streamlining data reporting. Learn more at

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After years of pioneering the use of intelligent sensor technology, Algorithmic Intuition (Ai2) is thrilled to put these advancements to work in health monitoring devices through its CareMate product. Our goal is to help senior care organizations and families cope with the difficult realities of caring for aging family members.

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