Alcovit Doesn’t Skimp on Quality Research

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alcovit is a groundbreaking hangover solution. The innovative product attempts to capture alcohol before it is reabsorbed and metabolized in the body by the digestive system. It follows this up with a blend of 12 vitamins and minerals that boost the body’s health and reduce hangover-related physical symptoms as well as anxiety and stress. Alcovit’s already widespread popularity isn’t just based on its creative approach to a problem as old as time itself. It’s also deeply rooted in a firm commitment to quality, as well.

Alcovit’s journey started ten years ago when a group of men and women decided that they wanted to develop a true remedy for the hangover. They found that most of the options available merely addressed existing symptoms, like nausea from an irritated stomach or dehydration from excessive urination.

While the vitamins included in the product aim to help prevent these side effects, it’s the inclusion of a naturally occurring mineral silicate that makes Alcovit’s solution truly unique. This substance, called zeolite, is a volcanic rock that “has a natural affinity to toxins like alcohol.”

Including the rock proved to be a breakthrough method for attracting and expelling alcohol from the digestive system. However, the inventors didn’t stop there. They were committed to finding the highest-quality solution to the problem. In the name of inventing as powerful an answer as possible, the group experimented with zeolite from the northern reaches of Scandinavia to former Yugoslavia, across the pond to Canada, and all the way into the depths of Africa.

And it was there, in South Africa, that they found the substance they were looking for. After years of testing, South African zeolite, combined with their blend of vitamins and minerals, proved to provide the absolute best results. This was ground down — enough to make it easily soluble and drinkable but large enough to avoid absorption from the digestive system — added into the product, and the rest is history.

Alcovit continues to grow in popularity as a global solution to a worldwide problem. It is well established in Europe and has expanded to other markets including Asia and Australia. In recent months, the brand has even begun an ambitious push to tap into the U.S. market, where a large population of hangover-happy customers will likely welcome the brand with open and inebriated arms.

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