Alex Ghareeb, Technology Leader, Joins PrefTech as VP of Product

RESTON, Va., Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PrefTech, the nation’s leading provider of Preference Card Management (PCM) software, is pleased to announce that Alex Ghareeb, accomplished technology leader and entrepreneur, has joined the company as its new Vice President of Product. 

Alex has extensive SaaS product leadership and operational experience scaling SaaS businesses from startups in emerging markets to global “go-to” choices in mature industries. For nearly two decades, Alex has served as a product leader, creating value propositions, designing product and service offerings, and leading internal operations that align with market opportunities to expand and improve market position in software, big data, analytics, consulting, and emerging technology industries.

Alex is passionate about creating world-class products that solve intractable problems, transform industries, and empower individuals. Over the past decade, he has launched dozens of SaaS solutions in financial services, consumer technology, civic technology, and AdTech that have attracted more than 10 million monthly users, bringing in $300 million in revenue from Fortune 500 companies.

As VP of Product, Alex will lead PrefTech’s engineering and platform design team. “PrefTech brings a much-needed solution to a manifest problem that affects hospitals everywhere. The opportunity for hospitals to discard outdated processes and use AI to manage surgical preference cards and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and cut costs is tremendous. I’m excited to see how hospitals adopting PrefTech OR find that supply chain problems, concerns around budgets and patient safety, and physician burn-out evaporate with the aid of PrefTech’s software solution.”

PrefTech’s CEO, Matt Boehm, sees Alex’s addition as an important step forward for the company: “Alex is a multi-dimensional tech professional who has an obvious gift for bringing world-class software products to market. I could not be more thrilled to have him join our team.”

PrefTech, based in Reston, VA, emerged in response to a deeply felt need for a modern and effective way to manage surgical preference cards in order to solve numerous problems around efficiency and performance in operating rooms. PrefTech’s proprietary software, PrefTech Operating Room, is a cloud-based platform that enables operating room staff to monitor, maintain, and optimize their surgical preference cards while identifying areas for additional savings and standardization. The AI-driven software solution ultimately leads to efficiency in the operating room, satisfied physicians, and improved patient outcomes.

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