Altior Healthcare’s Vision for Adolescent Mental Health and Access to Care

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At a time when the nation grapples with a marked lack of access to mental health services, Altior Healthcare, a dynamic entity in the health sector, brings a visionary approach to adolescent mental health care under the stewardship of Ken Kosza, CEO.

Ken, a compassionate professional with a Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling, has a passion that echoes throughout his work: uplifting the mental well-being of the youth. This passion, coupled with a deep operational background, fueled his endeavors in helping businesses expand outpatient services, developing insurance contracts, and addressing a gap in the mental health landscape.

Currently, the US mental health care system paints a stark picture. There is a separation between those who can afford long-term residential treatment and those relying on Medicare. This void has become a challenge within the adolescent space, a problem Ken is determined to solve with Altior Healthcare. His vision is to democratize access to care without compromising on the various options available.

To realize this vision, Altior Healthcare is constructing innovative relationships with insurance companies and underscoring the role of their admissions department. Operating seven days a week, the admissions team is a beacon of assistance, taking calls at all times and actively reducing the financial barriers to care. Altior Healthcare functions as a twin pillar in the system, offering mental health services to adolescents and young adults while serving as a support center for families. This dual functionality extends to handling admissions, billing, and providing robust support. They act as a “home away from home,” ensuring families and individuals receive the necessary assistance.

Altior Healthcare’s distinguishing factor lies in its steadfast commitment to providing accessible care complemented by a range of family services. This means collaborating closely with families, meeting unique needs through individualized healthcare, and delivering services with a genuine love and passion for helping our youth. Altior Healthcare plans to expand its short-term residential treatment with Ridge Treatment Center in keeping with its vision. Ridge, fondly referred to as the “Paradigm of the East”, emerged from Shortridge Academy and is set to bolster Altior Healthcare’s short-term residential treatment services.

Despite growing societal awareness of mental health’s importance in the US, nearly three-quarters of Americans believe mental health services are not universally accessible. They view high costs, insufficient insurance coverage, limited options, long waits, lack of awareness, and social stigma as formidable barriers to mental health treatment. Steered by Ken’s competent leadership, Altior Healthcare aims to challenge these barriers and redefine the status quo. As the organization extends its reach to therapeutic boarding schools and long-term residential treatments, it is clear that Altior Healthcare is revolutionizing the mental healthcare landscape one step at a time.

It is about more than just providing services; it is about paving a new path for accessible, personalized, and high-quality mental health care. There is a long road ahead, but with passionate and dedicated leaders like Ken, the journey promises to be transformative.

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