Americans Are Stocking Up on Bottled Water

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — For many Americans, being able to stock up on essentials from the comfort of their own home has been a small comfort through an otherwise difficult year. For some, bottled spring water they can trust has been at the top of the list. Pure NZ has been producing the very best in luxury quality bottled spring water since the brand first opened its doors, putting New Zealand on the map for its clean, great-tasting bottled water.

Pure NZ has been expanding its global presence, shipping to countries all over the world, recently making its unique spring water from deep within New Zealand’s aquifers available to the U.S. market. Pure NZ water is bottled at its source in its state of the art bottling facility, ensuring the least amount of waste and a smaller ecological footprint.

Americans are picky when it comes to their tastes in bottled water. What was once a limited market has expanded to incorporate water from different locales. Pure NZ is confident that its quality standards measure up against even the stiffest competition due in part to the natural mineral content found in the springs. Being able to stock up on bottled water offers a sense of safety for many people during these unforeseen times.

Pure NZ’s goal has been to keep its quality standards high while maintaining an affordable price point. When it comes to water purity and quality, there is no comparison. Pure NZ’s water is sourced straight from the aquifer and adds nothing, preserving its natural spring water as nature intended. Spring water is considered to be the most natural way to hydrate since fresh-flowing springs have quenched the thirst of thousands of generations of human beings with no added filtration needed.

Sustainability has been a primary focus for Pure NZ. Over the past several years, Pure NZ has affirmed its commitment to reducing plastic waste by creating packaging that utilizes recycled plastics on its best-selling water bottles.

Since expanding to the United States, Pure NZ now has its spring water for sale by the case through, so customers anywhere can experience the difference New Zealand spring water makes. So far customer feedback from U.S. buyers has been overwhelmingly positive as more Americans have the opportunity to sample some of the finest spring water on the market today.

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