Anitoa Systems Launches 96-well Multi-bay Modular qPCR

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Anitoa Systems, LLC., a Silicon Valley biotechnology company and market leader in rapid, portable molecular testing hardware, today announced the availability of a 96-well multi-bay modular real time PCR (qPCR) instruments in its Maverick(tm) line of qPCR products.

Anitoa’s Maverick Multi-bay Modular Real Time PCR (qPCR) Instrument MQx96

Anitoa Systems is known for its portable multiplex qPCR instruments sold widely for diagnostics, as well as food and environmental testing. The Maverick MQx96 is its first larger format qPCR instrument that features multiple independently operable modules. Available in 96 (6X16) and 48 (3X16) well formats, MQx96 and MQx48 instruments consists of 6X or 3X 16-well qPCR modules, each of which can be independently controlled from a unified software interface. MQx96 is perfectly suited for labs that have the need to run small batches of samples continuously in a pipelined fashion. Maverick qPCR instruments are packed with technological innovations from Anitoa Systems. These include a unique proprietary low-light complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) 4-channel fluorescence optics system that allows fast and highly multiplexed DNA detection. Maverick qPCR instruments are also easy to use and do not require calibration due to their solid-state construction.

In addition to their operational flexibility, Anitoa’s MQ96 (and MQ48) are modular systems with each reaction chamber independently heated and cooled, they can achieve 30-40% faster reaction time than traditional large block qPCR systems.

“We are excited to offer laboratories worldwide a modular solution for rapid and pipelined nucleic acid tests to help combat diseases by detecting pathogens in human, as well as our food and environment,” said Dr. Zhimin Ding, CEO of Anitoa Systems. “We believe our multi-bay modular qPCR instruments and the integrated software offer features that meet the needs of labs seeking higher throughput testing while being extremely flexible.”

About Anitoa

Anitoa Systems, a medical device technology start-up established in 2013 with headquarter in Sunnyvale, California, develops highly integrated and low-power CMOS-based bio-sensor devices for fluorescence and chemiluminescence-based molecular imaging. By replacing the traditional bulky and costly photon-multiplier tube (PMT) and CCD-based optical sub-systems, Anitoa’s ultra-low-light CMOS sensor technology enables a new generation of compact and inexpensive molecular testing platforms targeting infectious or oncology markers, as well pathogens in our food and environment. Anitoa manufactures its qPCR instruments in Hangzhou, China and Fremont, California, USA. For further information please contact: Sales & PR Contact: Li Liu, Anitoa Systems, LLC, or 408-887-6026,

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