Applica Water Products Keeps Your RV & Marine Freshwater Tanks Fresh and Odor Free with New CLEAR2O® TankFRESH™

TankFRESH Cleans, Sanitizes, and Removes Unpleasant Tastes and Odors From Your RV & Marine Freshwater Tank

MIRAMAR, Fla., May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The summer camping season is in full swing and after a long winter, active RVers & Boaters are busy getting ready for fun-filled adventures. Checking the tires, checking for leaks, making sure new water filters are installed, and running through a full system check to ensure that everything is ready to go. But not everything! Most will ignore the fresh water tank without realizing that warm, stored water can be a breeding ground for unpleasant experiences on the road. Of course, some try to deal with this by adding Chlorine Bleach to their tank, but bleach is corrosive, may affect your rubber seals, and is better suited for treating your swimming pool.

A better solution has arrived, introducing TankFRESH™, a new line of fresh water tank treatment products from CLEAR2O®, a leader in RV water filtration products.

TankFRESH™ is offered in three different formulas to meet the individual needs of each RVer or Boat enthusiast. To fully clean the entire freshwater system, including the tank, water lines, and plumbing fixtures just add TankFRESH™ Water Tank & System Flush (one gallon) to your freshwater tank and flush the entire system. One gallon treats 100 gallons of fresh water and it’s bleach-free and biodegradable. It is also a great way to get a fresh start if buying a used RV. Flush your entire system in one hour, not all day like bleach.

The TankFRESH™ Tank Shock Treatment (16 oz) is a concentrated, extra-strength formula for tough taste and odor issues. Add whenever you need to eliminate taste or odor issues, works fast. Also, a great way to de-winterize your freshwater tank or prepare for storage. Its biodegradable formula disinfects without the use of common bleach, so it is safe for rubber seals and water heaters. 

Once you have a clean tank, it is easy to keep your water tasting fresh by using the TankFRESH™ Freshwater Treatment (16oz) for ongoing maintenance each time you fill your tank. Keeps your water fresh and odor free throughout the whole season.

Keith Bernard, CEO of CLEAR2O®, noted “Most RVer’s and Boaters overlook their fresh water tank leaving an opportunity for uninvited microbial growth. With TankFRESH™, we can offer both fresher tanks and improved performance over just using bleach alone.”

Treating your freshwater is the proven way to avoid microbial or algae issues. Add TankFRESH™ for fresher water, better performance, and avoid the unpleasant chlorine taste, odor, and corrosive properties of bleach.

The TankFRESH™ line is available on the CLEAR2O® website,,, and other online retailers.


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