Arcos Offers “Vent Navigator” CDS Software Free for Six Months to Support COVID-19-Associated ARDS Treatment

MISSOURI CITY, Texas, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Arcos, Inc. announced today it would provide six months’ free use of Vent Navigator™, a new Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool for patients suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), to users who sign up at by March 31, 2021.

“Given that the influx of COVID-19 patients is stretching critical care resources so thinly, we decided to offer Vent Navigator for free during this time to support critical care professionals,” said Chris Meador, President and Co-founder of Arcos. “Vent Navigator provides evidence-based recommendations for lung-protective ventilator settings, spontaneous breathing trials (SBTs), and extubation.”

Features and benefits of Vent Navigator include:

  • Embedded protocols and complex decision trees, including ARDSNet and PALICC guidelines and SBT criteria
  • Recommendations for ventilator setting changes in PEEP/FiO2, as well as tidal volume and inspiratory pressure, based on ongoing blood gas test results and other indicators
  • Ventilation strategies to minimize ventilator-induced lung and diaphragm injury, with earlier patient liberation
  • Interactive ventilation assessment graph and pH nomogram

Research reported in the November 2020 issue of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (Hotz JC, et al.) demonstrated improved acceptance for lung- and diaphragm-protective ventilation, and improved clinical outcomes over historical controls with the use of ARDS support software, a direct precursor to the Arcos Vent Navigator software. Key findings included:

  • Lower I:E ratios and tidal volumes
  • Higher PEEP when FiO2 > 0.60
  • First SBT in 6 vs. 11 days
  • Three less ventilator days among survivors
  • No increase in re-intubation rate

Vent Navigator software is provided via a HIPAA-secure, encrypted cloud-based service, and can be used on a tablet, phone or PC. Vent Navigator is not intended to replace clinical judgment for patient therapy decisions, rather to support health care professionals in standardizing and implementing accepted lung-protective ventilation protocols.

For more information on Vent Navigator and how to sign up for free use of the software, visit Specific information on embedded tables and dynamic decision trees is available upon request.

About Us: Arcos, Inc. provides clinical decision support software to empower health care workers in critical care situations by simplifying decision making, reducing risk, and improving patient outcomes. Arcos partners with clinical experts to create decision support tools that can make a difference when patients’ lives are at stake. Arcos products, policies, procedures and practices are compliant with federal (HIPAA) regulations.

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