Arkstone Launches Innovative Clinical Study to Evaluate OneChoice Report’s Impact on Antimicrobial Prescribing, Stewardship, and Patient Outcomes

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Arkstone Medical Solutions, the leading provider of laboratory infectious disease reporting and proactive antimicrobial stewardship, is excited to embark on a groundbreaking clinical study in collaboration with Laboratorio Clínico Roe in Lima, Peru. This study will explore the transformative capabilities of Arkstone’s OneChoice Report, aiming to optimize the judicious use of antibiotic treatments for patients with bacteremia or bloodstream infections. This joint effort marks a significant advancement in the appropriate antimicrobial prescribing and the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Bacteremia, or bloodstream infections, are serious and common causes of sepsis and septic shock, with mortality rates as high as 37%. A critical step in preventing death is the timely administration of antibiotics. Studies show that a 1-hour delay in antibiotics increases the risk of mortality by 35%. The selection of the right antibiotic is crucial, as the wrong choice can render treatment ineffective.

The study aims to evaluate the clinical utility and benefits of Arkstone’s innovative clinical decision support software, the OneChoice Report®, and its impact on selecting appropriate antibiotic therapy. For suspected sepsis, a rapid molecular panel with resistance gene detection will be performed on blood samples. Positive results will be accompanied by a OneChoice Report providing patient-specific guidance based on factors such as age, gender, pregnancy status, allergies, resistance gene interpretation, diagnosis codes, and reference material. The report also includes standard-of-care antibiotic dosing and duration, as well as access to OneChoice Plus, allowing clinicians to readjust recommendations based on additional data points. Once culture information is finalized, a second comprehensive Fusion Report™ will be presented, combining molecular and culture data for confident treatment decisions. Both reports are provided with the actual lab report within minutes of finalization.

Speaking on the significance of this groundbreaking study, Dr. Ari Frenkel, Chief Science Officer and Co-founder at Arkstone, emphasized the potential benefits of innovative solutions in healthcare. “The OneChoice Report is the most advanced antimicrobial stewardship program available, providing guidance to clinicians on optimal therapy for infections. It has the potential to reduce hospital stays, optimize the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, decrease costs associated with inadequate initial antibiotic therapy, lower hospitalization costs, and ultimately reduce the 28-day in-hospital mortality rate.” This research represents a substantial leap toward harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning for improved patient outcomes.

The study will assess the impact of the OneChoice Report® on hospital stay duration, 28-day in-hospital mortality, antibiotic treatment costs, adverse effects, drug interactions, and defined daily doses per 100 bed-days for patients with positive molecular and culture microbiology results. The study will also investigate the relationship between the use of the OneChoice Report®, clinician usage, antibiotic selection, patient outcomes, and healthcare cost-effectiveness. The study will span from 2021 to 2024, comparing data from patients receiving OneChoice Report® recommendations with those receiving conventional lab reports, using a quantitative, observational, and analytical approach.

“Incorporating rapid molecular diagnostics and resistance gene detection into proactive recommendations, combined with culture data, marks a transformative breakthrough in antimicrobial stewardship and medical technology,” says Arkstone’s Director of Molecular Informatics, Dr. Juan Carlos Gómez de la Torre.

About Arkstone: Arkstone is committed to stemming the global spread of antimicrobial resistance and the misuse of antibiotics by marrying advanced artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of infectious disease. Arkstone interprets lab results for targeted patient-specific clinical decisions based on the latest evidence-based information.

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