Armourgenix® Will Attend October’s ECRM Conference

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As October’s Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference approaches, both brands and retailers have begun to adjust to the new virtual platform. Armourgenix® is a brand to watch during the upcoming ECRM program as they have been refining their lineup of sports nutrition products over the last year, focusing on potency and performance in their new product formulas. Armourgenix® specializes in sports nutrition products infused with their signature hemp complex.

October’s ECRM program, Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition is one of largest nutrition industry conferences of the year, attracting buyers from some of the largest health and wellness retailers in the United States. For Armourgenix®, this is an opportunity to meet with retail giants of the industry and display their superior product formulas and glowing customer feedback to the masses.

Some of Armourgenix®’s best sellers are their classic whey protein powder infused with hemp complex and their Ketogenix gummies to help fuel workouts. Armourgenix® packs plenty of variety into their performance-focused lineup. Armourgenix® makes pre and post-workout powders, gummies, protein powders, gel pack supplements, as well as their Gym Gel Roll-On for topical post-workout relief.

The RecoverGenix™ gym roll-on has been an instant hit as topical relief gels and rubs become a must-have for anyone who is committed to the grind of daily workouts. Armourgenix® creates products for people who push their bodies and set new limits for themselves. The addition of hemp complex was a no brainer for Armourgenix® as it can help the body release tension after a vigorous workout while keeping in line with the company’s commitment to natural ingredients.

Over the last six months, Armourgenix® has expanded their web-based sales, while still emphasizing the importance of new product development. The attention to detail that Armourgenix® has put into their online retail campaign will serve them well at October’s ECRM conference, where having products with an existing web presence is a major selling point.

Armourgenix® is expected to return from the Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition ECRM program with new partnerships and plenty of exposure for the brand. Armourgenix® has plans to continue their retail expansion throughout the coming year.

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