As Interest in Concierge Medicine Grows, WellcomeMD Continues its Expansion into Naples

NAPLES, Fla., March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In 2020, concierge practice doctors saw a 21% increase in new patient volumes nationally, according to Kona Medical Consulting. In Naples, FL, the waitlists have continued to grow. Virginia-based WellcomeMD has opened a new office in this southern Florida community to meet the growing desire for a personal approach to health care.

“We pride ourselves on being the next generation of concierge medicine, especially when it comes to a focus on anti-aging,” says WellcomeMD founder and health care innovator Linda Nash.

Nash opened the Richmond, VA WellcomeMD office in late 2018. During the past three years, the membership base has grown in excess of 325% each year. WellcomeMD has offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mooresville, North Carolina, and now Naples, FL.

Nash knows growth. Since 1983, she has founded and sold several companies, including Richmond-based PartnerMD, her first concierge medicine brand. With WellcomeMD, she and her team are growing through an acquisition-based strategy. They set themselves apart by focusing on anti-aging and functional medicine.

WellcomeMD members have 24/7 access to physicians and advanced treatment options. Membership also includes the ability to schedule appointments with doctors at any WellcomeMD office.

“Many of our Richmond patients have relatives or a second home in Naples and they have urged us to expand there,” Nash says. “We considered locations throughout Florida and ultimately agreed that Naples is the perfect market for us. We chose North Naples for our office because many of the practices in the area are full with waiting lists. We can offer the community an option for concierge care today.”

Dr. Holly Dagney was selected after an extensive search of well-regarded primary care physicians in Naples. She practiced family medicine with Physicians Regional Medical Group for the past five years. Dr. Dagney specializes in a whole-person approach to care.

“We listen to our patients closely,” says Dr. Dagney. “We dig deep to understand the root causes of specific issues, but we also look at the whole person. How can we improve their daily quality of life? How can we reverse the impacts of aging? We explore everything and make a plan of action together.”

This integrative approach includes working with a certified fitness nutrition coach, who will help members develop personalized health plans to complement Dr. Dagney’s services. In addition, members will have access to wellness events on topics such as weight management, cardiovascular health, and conquering vertigo.

“WellcomeMD is focused on wellness and quality of life, not just reactive care,” says Russell Basch, a Richmond member and serial entrepreneur. “I have never felt better physically or mentally.”

The Naples WellcomeMD practice has partnered with longtime Naples concierge physician Dr. Leela Bolla to transition her membership practice to their company. Dr. Bolla is retiring and Dr. Dagney is her successor.

“Dr. Dagney shares my passion for highly personalized primary care,” says Dr. Bolla. “She’s a compassionate, thorough, and knowledgeable physician.”

The WellcomeMD Naples office is located at 11181 Health Park Blvd Suite 2260, Naples, FL 34110. 

About WellcomeMD:

Founded by concierge medical expert Linda Nash in 2016, WellcomeMD is the next generation of concierge medicine: “Concierge 2.0.” This form of patient care emphasizes a personal relationship with a primary care physician while offering new, cutting-edge treatments. At WellcomeMD, the goal is to not only help patients as they age, but to help them age optimally. Additional information can be found at or by calling 888.531.3844.

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