As Legalization Expands, Tower Payments' Founder Expects Massive Growth in Their Online Headshop Payment Processing Solutions

AMESBURY, Mass., April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — This past November, four more states were added to the steadily growing number of those that have legalized marijuana for personal use. In recent years, more than half of the states in the US have also passed laws to legalize or decriminalize the use of medical marijuana.

In light of this expansion, Tower Payments founder and director, Nyah Penney, expects an influx of business for online head shop websites. Penney says, “We expect a lot of growth in the online head shop industry in the coming months. There will be a higher demand for items like glass, bongs, and paraphernalia, so it’s also a good time for business owners to start researching e-commerce, and many others are likely to take the plunge and begin their own online head shop.”

Tower Payments offers payment processing solutions for online head shops and other high-risk e-commerce businesses. Their goal is to provide the owners of high-risk online businesses with advice, support, payment gateways, and merchant account recommendations so that being labeled as “high-risk” does not prevent online head shops from having a reliable way to process credit card transactions.

According to Nyah Penney, it can be easy for new merchants to overlook the importance of reliable credit card processing. “Selling common head shop items like bongs, hookahs, or pipes, means that your business is considered high-risk. So even though it may be tempting to just sign up for a popular processor like Stripe or PayPal since that’s what everyone else is doing, we find that most high-risk merchants who do their research about the terms and conditions on these sites come to the realization that they need specialized processing. The last thing you want after launching a new business is to have your accounts shut down for violating the processor’s terms, but that has been the case for many business owners.”

Fortunately, Tower Payments has experience working with high-risk industries and offers affordable credit card processing for high-risk e-commerce businesses such as head shops. As the market for legal marijuana paraphernalia expands, merchants find that they have options – it is no longer necessary to just go with whatever credit card processor is willing to take you on, no matter how high their fees are. Tower Payments offers high-risk e-commerce merchants the ability to save money on credit card processing while receiving support from partners who specialize in helping merchants sell head shop items online. Many high-risk merchants are relieved to find that they don’t have to settle for astronomically high rates. Over months and years of doing business, high transaction fees add up, so any money saved can go toward more important things, like business expansion or advertising.

One solution that works for many business owners is AuthorizeNet. This popular payment gateway is used by hundreds of thousands of e-commerce merchants, and it can also work for high-risk merchants as long as it is properly integrated with a high-risk-friendly merchant account. Tower Payments offers expert advice and support for these kinds of integrations so that business owners can direct their valuable time toward what they would much rather be doing: running their business.

AuthorizeNet can then be used with popular site builders such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Nyah Penney says, “Our integrations help high-risk online merchants to continue running their websites as they are – no need to rebuild on a different platform. And new merchants are free to choose a common site builder that works for them, to sell bongs, grinders, and other head shop paraphernalia without fear of getting shut down. We want you to succeed at selling your legal high-risk products online and will advocate for you every step of the way.”

As more states move toward marijuana legalization and the percentage of Americans living in jurisdictions that have legalized it continues to grow, the demand for credit card processing for online head shops will also expand as new online businesses start up and existing businesses expand. Tower Payments is poised to meet this expansion with payment gateway integrations and high-risk merchant account recommendations for growing numbers of online merchants, leading to smoother transactions and lower processing fees.

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