Assured Med Supply Launches AMS.AI to Transform the $1.1 Trillion Medical Distribution Industry with Artificial Intelligence

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AMS.AI, a new platform by Assured Med Supply, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the global healthcare supply chain. The company is creating an AI-powered medical supply purchasing platform and marketplace to transform operations in the healthcare sector.

AMS.AI’s approach presents an opportunity for healthcare entities to harness the transformative potential of AI. With a vision to streamline medical supply procurement and management, AMS.AI aims to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and enhance patient care. Additionally, the platform will provide hospitals more product choices, reduces shortages plaguing the healthcare industry, and facilitates direct access to products from manufacturers.

The potential of this platform is highlighted by the projected growth of the generative AI market, which is expected to expand at a 42% compound annual growth rate over the next decade, reaching $1.3 trillion in revenue by 2032, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Assured Med Supply has already established a strong track record, achieving over 100% year-on-year annual revenue growth from 2020 to 2022, prior to pivoting to a pure AI company in 2023. The company’s existing customer base, which includes many of the Top 100 hospitals in the USA, serves as a valuable source to understand customer needs and a direct audience of buyers once AMS.AI is launched.

“AMS.AI is our answer to the industry’s call for smarter, more efficient healthcare supply chain processes,” said Roy Malkin, CEO of Assured Med Supply. “By integrating generative AI into our platform, we’re empowering healthcare providers to streamline their procurement processes, which can result in significant cost savings, increased product choices, and reduced shortages.”

About Assured Med Supply

Assured Med Supply, an innovative healthcare technology company, is leveraging the power of AI to change the landscape of medical supply purchasing and marketplace management. Assured Med Supply is an approved vendor for a significant client base of large hospitals and healthcare networks, as well as for Fortune 500 giants such as Disney and Thermo Fisher Scientific and multiple U.S. government agencies.

Assured Med Supply’s forthcoming AMS.AI platform promises to revolutionize procurement processes, offering efficiency, transparency, cost savings, and direct access to products from manufacturers. The company stands at the forefront of transforming healthcare procurement and supply chain management with the transformative power of AI.

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