Avalife Breathes Sustainability into Its Supply Chain

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Avalife is a health and wellness brand that is already well-known for its remarkable line of dietary supplements aiming to provide genuine, holistic solutions to its customers. These do so by combining the traditional wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine with cutting-edge scientific knowledge, research, and study as well as impeccable manufacturing standards and processes.

While Avalife’s products speak for themselves, the brand has built its reputation on more than results. It has also created a powerful supply chain to source its products in a dramatically sustainable fashion.

Whereas many manufacturers do little more than look for affordable third-party suppliers, Avalife has taken it upon itself to remain intimately involved in sourcing the herbs that form the ingredients for its products. It has done this through its fellow startup AvaGro, which focuses on sustainable agricultural farming practices.

This Earth-friendly organization focuses on providing agricultural solutions to existing farmers throughout both Africa and India. AvaGro “works with holder farmers, agripreneurs and larger scale cultivators to implement customized concepts for agricultural production in challenging environmental conditions.”

The goal of each relationship is to create complete solutions that support each farm from infrastructure and initial investment right through to each grown, harvested, and sold crop. In addition, the system is held up by a strict adherence to Fair Trade practices, herbs are grown sustainably, and transparency is maintained throughout the process.

This has allowed Avalife to source quality herbs from farms in South, North, and East India as well as South Africa. In each case, it does so in a manner that is sustainable, humanitarian, business-friendly, and otherwise as ethical as possible.

This impressive commitment to a sustainable and transparent supply chain has allowed Avalife to succeed where others have failed. Rather than capitalizing on the misfortune and pain of third-party businesses, the health and wellness brand has ensured that every penny of profit is built on the success of others.

This has positioned the young brand for impressive growth as its highly-ethical operation has continued to thrive — in spite of the ongoing global crisis, no less. After spending years building its supply chain infrastructure and gaining manufacturing and marketing momentum, Avalife didn’t let the coronavirus pandemic slow down its early success. It has leaned heavily on e-commerce over the past year and is already making waves throughout international markets, especially in the United States.

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