BLÜ Toothbrush Launches Partnership with Best Buddies Tampa

TAMPA, Fla., May 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BLÜ Toothbrush today announced the launch of their partnership with Best Buddies Tampa. BLÜ offers a product suite of Bluetooth-enabled smart toothbrushes for adults and children. These brushes work in tandem with a progressive app to help ensure users get the most out of their dental hygiene habits.

In partnership with Best Buddies Tampa, BLÜ is expanding its mission to combat periodontal disease, which most commonly impacts individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As Best Buddies works toward their mission of transitioning people with IDD to independent living, they are merging their efforts with BLÜ. 

The BLÜ team understands the need for resources that foster accountability, particularly concerning dental hygiene. The innovators behind the brand recognize the negative impact of poor oral health on an individual’s general, psychological, and social health. Additionally, BLÜ developers have noted that people with IDD are particularly vulnerable to poor oral health and have more complex oral health care needs than people without IDD. 

Hygiene, of any kind, can be a point of contention between caretakers and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. BLÜ is diligently working to alleviate the pressure caretakers feel to be physically present to monitor each brush. As your loved one with IDD transitions to independent living, you can monitor their complete oral health progress with BLÜ’s remote monitoring features.

Additionally, BLÜ is fostering independence through education. Dental Professionals will attest that proper oral hygiene is difficult to accomplish without adequate instructions. Unlike any other toothbrush on the market, BLÜ toothbrushes pair with an app that interactively trains users how to brush correctly, tracking their progress in real-time. With our software, brushing becomes a visual activity watching the blue (dirty) areas become clean.

BLÜ Toothbrush is proud to be attending the Annual Friendship Walk Fundraiser for Best Buddies Tampa this Saturday, May 8th, at Raymond James Stadium. Attendees will be the first of many to participate in “BLÜ’s Buddies.” Supporters of BLÜ’s Buddies will receive an exclusive code that can be applied to all purchases. This exclusive code will provide 15% off of each toothbrush. Additionally, 20% of all proceeds made using this code will be donated right back to Best Buddies Tampa.

BLÜ invites you to join us in doing our part in providing better healthcare for all.

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