Brave Healer Productions Announces the Release of The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love

BETHESDA, Md., Nov. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Brave Healer Productions announces the release of The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love, a collection of 24 stories written by Tina Green, the “Self-Love Queen,” and her team of expert teachers, coaches and therapists whose sole purpose is to help women embrace a fresh start through self-love.

Green says, “Many women don’t understand the concept of self-love. It’s often passed off as self-care, which makes it sound frivolous. It runs deeper than taking a walk, eating a salad, or having a spa day. Self-love is a state of love and acceptance of one’s body, mind, and spirit as is. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness.”

Green began her journey to self-love in her fifties, pointing out that it is never too late for women to eliminate the shame they feel or the imperfections they dwell on. The book contains chapters on overcoming the fear of being seen, the transformative power of living for yourself first, and befriending your anxious parts. The books co-authors include  Alyssa Anaya, Candra Anaya, Dasha Allred Bond, Kim Collins, Jayne Jacova Feld, Lydia Greenwoods, Thais Harris, Madrone Kalil, Beverly LaZar, Rev. Annie Mark, Charleen M. Michel, Natalie Petersen, Holly M. Rapport, Sharon Siegler, Dr. Ruth A. Southern, Laura Spinner, Linda (Jyoti) Stuart, Lisa Swid, Rev. Stephanie Urbina Jones, Michelle Vesser, and Heather Westling.

Praise for The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love

“This is not your everyday read; it’s an illuminating expedition into the origins of shame and self-doubt, offering practical tools for soul-level healing in every chapter. I encourage you to travel this pilgrimage of self-discovery. The gift of transformation is waiting for you on every page!” — Dr. Ahriana Platten, best-selling author of Rites and Rituals, Harnessing the Power of Sacred Ceremonies

“This book belongs on every woman’s bookshelf. It will awaken you to your beauty, your bravery, and your capacity to give yourself the expansive love you’ve always yearned for.” —Sage Cohen, author of Fierce on the Page, The Productive Writer, and Writing the Life Poetic.

The Life-Changing Power of Self Love by Tina Green speaks to the constant desire to be liked, to look perfect, to be all the things others find beautiful. It helps readers redefine beauty and authentically tap into and love their own unique selves. I highly recommend it as a way to shift your thinking and create a more powerful self.” — Tabitha A. Scott CEM, CDSM, CHTP, founder, Global Institute of Growth

About Tina Green

Tina Green has 20 years of experience as an executive in nonprofits and financial services. She is a founder and transformational coach at Exposing The Roots, a best-selling author, an ordained minister, and a certified celebrant. She runs the Women’s Self-Love Community, a free private Facebook group that offers access to self-love events to its several hundred members.

Green was a master apprentice with Jeremy Pajer and Stephanie Urbina Jones in Teotihuacan, Mexico. In 2024, she and Pajer will co-facilitate the Toltec Medicine Wheel of Transformation, a powerful map of transformation based on ancient Toltec wisdom and Native American traditions.

About Brave Healer Productions

Brave Healer Productions specializes in book publishing and business strategy for healers. It has published 58 Amazon best-selling books, among them the series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, and The Ancestors Within

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