Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital, Animal Emergency & Critical Care Leverage CareCorrals in Enhancing Pet and Horse-Centric Family Healing

AUSTIN, Texas, May 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital (Canobie), Animal Emergency & Critical Care (AECC) and PrizedPals announced today ongoing successes associated with PrizedPals’ signature platform, “The CareCorral, a Barnyard of Love and Empathy”.

As in the brief video on Canobie or AECC’s website, a CareCorral is an online “caring community.”  It is created and operated by a family and invited loved ones and contains an interactive storytelling solution, collaboration calendar, community blog, photo/video-sharing capabilities and more.  It is compelling throughout any pet-healing or aging journey, chronic or cognitive illness, or even celebrating their memory.  It strengthens how loved ones:

  • Rally-round, engage and support
  • Are empowered more with empathy, than sympathy
  • Perceive veterinary organizations as fostering community and quality of life

Adds PrizedPals founder, Jay Drayer, “Now into its 7th year, CareCorrals were borne from a lengthy caregiving journey surrounding a family pet.  In time with a difficult diagnosis, caregiving came out of left field, when least expected.  It required constant attention and work to organize support.  When loved ones weren’t receiving updates, they kept inquiring.  Friends repeatedly asked, ‘How can we help?’ yet engagement remained consistently thin.  Emotional barriers and concerns about intrusiveness remained part of the social landscape with loved ones.  Caregivers need respite but grow weary expecting it.  All the uncertainty between veterinary appointments devastates your resilience.  CareCorrals were created to enhance the quality and durability of how loved ones engage and support.”

Adds Dr. Melissa Magnuson, founder/owner, Canobie Lake, Greenland and All Pets Veterinary Hospitals, “Forward-thinking veterinary practices view their role in broader, more holistic ways than has traditionally been the case.  CareCorrals advance our mission, core values and mindset for caring for the ‘whole family’ which is compelling to how people bond with our organizations.  We tend to be ‘high-touch’ and we value how CareCorrals exemplify the ways that we support families and our commitment to innovation.”

Adds Deanna Bayless, Hospital Manager, AECC, “Quality care comes first in our organization and each CareCorral elevates that commitment even higher.  We have been offering CareCorrals for almost 5 years, and continue being pleasantly surprised by the tens-of-thousands of people using them.  Most impressively, many families use them in ‘upstream’ circumstances, surrounding every imaginable manner of healing among both pets and loved ones.  Seeing the growth of families and communities using CareCorrals, we know people find them helpful and even needed.”

About PrizedPals
PrizedPals offers CareCorrals, a veterinary derivative of a longstanding healthcare solution (Careopolis, A Metropolis of Love and Empathy) which, now into its 19th year benefits Texas Oncology, Community Medical Centers, Austin Regional Clinic, Rogue Prosthetics, Home Instead Senior Living and hundreds of other organizations.  Now into CareCorrals’ 7th year, they have a strong reputation for empowering organizations who appreciate the importance of aligning their brands with empathy, nostalgia and quality-of-life.

About Canobie Lake, Greenland and All Pets Veterinary Hospitals
Growing-up on a farm in Minnesota gave founder/owner Dr. Melissa Magnuson a strong sense of family and awareness that it takes a village to achieve common goals.  With a lifelong passion for caring for animals she dreamed of being a veterinarian and, after college, created vaccines to save animals.  From there, completing veterinary school, later launching three veterinary practices which all offer CareCorrals.

About Animal Emergency & Critical Care (AECC)
AECC is a full-service emergent care facility that is an extension of local veterinary hospitals. They provide care for critical patients with access to emergency care 24 hours a day.

Jay Drayer, Founder/CEO

Canobie Lake Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Melissa Magnuson, founder/owner

Animal Emergency & Critical Care
Deanna Bayless, Hospital Manager

SOURCE PrizedPals dba CareFlash LLC