Cellmyx: Reducing Danger in Gluteal Fat Grafting

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — For 25 years the name Cellmyx has been synonymous with quality and is known throughout the cosmetic surgery industry for product dependability. Company founder Greg Miles has strived to manufacture top of the line medical tools that run the gamut of application, aesthetically, and beyond. Regenerative injectables offer a new frontier of research and invention, and Cellmyx is poised to lead the way in this exciting discipline.

A recent examination of Cellmyx’s proprietary Auto Stop Reach technology, a method of fat transfer analyzed and endorsed by a group of board-certified plastic surgeons, showed that fat could successfully be dispersed into high risk areas safely, without said fat finding its way into vessels, leading to complications and even embolisms. Using a blue dye mixture to show dissemination, participants were able to inject fat into the buttocks of their subjects without the dye interacting with the musculature or fascia. This novel approach acted as a governor and added preventative measure for the surgeon. 

Innovation is the driving force behind each new device. Advancements in the regenerative medicine field are booming, and as broader utilization of tried and tested methods are explored, Cellmyx ushers in a new wave of technology, ready to meet the needs of practitioners and exceed the expectations of patients. Stunning design and real-world functionality coalesce with instruments such as AcquiCell, which come equipped with ASR technology, giving operators unprecedented control over the procedure. Smart systems that are ASR capable prevent damage to sensitive areas of the body, using mechanical impedance and auditory cues to guide users along. This allows for fat to be grafted while leaving muscle and fascia in the surrounding area undisturbed, enabling professionals to complete tough jobs with comfort, assurance, and ease of use.

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