Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) Introduces an Educational YouTube Series

LIBBY, Mont., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) has instituted a new Patient Education video series on YouTube for their current patients, physicians and the public in general. Using its established YouTube channel, (, CARD will continue to release short educational videos each week, beginning in January, for the entirety of 2021.

This educational video series will provide a quick and easy way for patients, physicians, and the general public to learn about asbestos and asbestos related disease. They will also highlight how the CARD Clinic is working, through its grant from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, toward education, early detection and treatment of those in the community impacted by Libby Amphibole Asbestos and asbestos related diseases. CARD also participates in research with the goals of better understanding and, hopefully one day, developing more effective treatments for asbestos related disease.

Video topic examples will include What Is Asbestos? What Kind of Research Has CARD DoneHow Does Smoking Affect Asbestos Related Disease? and more. Different CARD Clinic staff will be filmed for each subject, showcasing the different job functions within the clinic and the talents of its staff. Each video will be 2-5 minutes long, highlighting the main points of the subject at hand. Viewers who would like more information, will be directed to appropriate resources.

About CARD:

The Center for Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) has emerged as a national center of excellence in addressing healthcare issues associated with Libby Amphibole (previously called tremolite) asbestos. The CARD Clinic evolved in response to raised awareness of widespread asbestos exposure in the Libby area that surfaced in 1999. After the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry) screenings during 2000 and 2001 identified the high number of lung abnormalities, it became apparent to the community that long-term pulmonary care needed to be established in Libby.

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