CereHealth Corporation Granted Patent for Composite Average and Clustering Technique for Medical Imaging Quantification

DENVER, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CereHealth Corporation, a data analytics technology company that provides Medical Analytics as a Service (MAaaS), was granted a third patent on its novel systems and methodologies used in its FDA-cleared CereMetrix® medical imaging and data analytics software.  On May 4, 2021, the United States Patent and Trademark Office  will issue the company’s patent 10/997,715 for proprietary use of a medical imaging composite average and clustering technique to identify regions of interest within a medical image.  The system, method, and medium described in the patent provides unique advantages to medical providers, patients, clinicians, researchers, and other entities in the medical field.

Currently, quantification of biological processes within medical imaging is often contingent on comparing imaging results to a set of normals or controls. In certain instances, the identified control groups are small and true control datasets are difficult to accumulate. In addition, normal variation contained in the human body makes analysis of subtle differences challenging when only performing a qualitative analysis. The now patented, innovative system creates a “composite” dataset combining heterogeneous clinical scans that have been acquired using consistent protocols and processing techniques. Following a comparison between the composite dataset and a patient’s scan, clustering may then be applied to the output to identify groups of voxels that meet qualifying criteria.

CereHealth’s composite average methodology is foundational in its QSPECT® brain imaging analysis tool, a component of the CereMetrix Ai quantitative imaging and analytics platform, which received FDA 510(k) medical device clearance in February 2018. When applied to qSPECT brain imaging, this technique produced a composite that was noninferior to that of a smaller set of controls. This work was explained in detail in “Going Against the Norm: Validation of a Novel Alternative to Brain SPECT Normative Datasets,” co-authored by Lindsay Quandt and Dr. Cyrus Raji and published in Exploration of Medicine, a peer-reviewed, open access online journal known for its substantial and novel insights into medicine.

“With each innovation we are breaking down the barriers between medicine and technology,” said John Kelley, Chairman and CEO of CereHealth Corp., and an inventor on the patent. “We are disrupting the status quo and therefore accelerating medical advancement and precision medicine.”

CereHealth’s browser-based platforms enhance insights not previously available and are architected with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in mind. Drawing on a growing database of structured patient characteristics and biomarkers, these insights can enable greater diagnosis and treatment accuracy, thereby increasing likelihood of prevention, improving patient outcomes, and reducing misdiagnosis and healthcare costs.

About CereHealth Corp.
CereHealth Corporation, a data analytics technology company that provides Medical Analytics as a Service (MAaaS), is revolutionizing the analysis of central nervous system disorders through its two novel data analytics platforms. Its MAaaS model, built on three patents, architected for interoperability and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and a consented database of 4,800+ patients, enables doctors, research scientists and other healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions regarding patient-specific treatments through enhanced insights not previously available.  Its software solutions are browser-based, cloud-enabled and HIPAA compliant for low cost, ready access anytime and anywhere.

For more information on CereHealth’s products or to schedule a live demo, visit us at https://ceremetrix.io/ .

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