Certified Occupational Therapist Wins Prestigious NBCOT Impact Award

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áBrain Harmony (https://www.brainharmony.com/) proudly announced that one of their guiding visionaries, CCO and co-founder Carol Garner-Houston, had been awarded an IMPACT Award by the industry’s leading certification authority, NBCOT. This award recognizes certified occupational therapy (OT) practitioners who demonstrate exceptional professional commitment through their dedication, hard work, and outstanding OT skills to improve their clients’ quality of life.

Carol Garner-Houston is Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Brain Harmony, a groundbreaking and evidence-based, drug-free virtual program that creates personalized at-home protocols to help children and adults improve cognition, central nervous system function, brain health, and behavior.

Brain Harmony combines the latest technological advancements in treating neurological disorganization with Occupational Therapy and neurodevelopment to improve brain and body function and create lasting transformation at any age.

Brain Harmony originated from Garner-Houston’s search beyond traditional, mainstream approaches to address her own children’s chronic medical conditions – as well as her work in mental health and substance abuse at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana for which she was awarded the Health Systems Innovation Award.

Brain Harmony’s award-winning protocol results in profound improvements for disorders including sensory processing, executive function, brain fog, fatigue, learning difficulties, attention and regulation, sleep and stress, autism spectrum, anxiety, auditory processing, Prader Willi syndrome, PTSD, speech and language delays, dyslexia, as well as strokes, brain injuries and post concussive syndrome.

With the pandemic’s impact on mental health and increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and trauma, Brain Harmony has supported struggling parents and children to reset their nervous system, stay calm, and feel regulated.

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