Cinesteam® Is a Deodorizing Support Tool for Palliative Care

Palliative Care Is a Comprehensive Approach to Long-Term Patient Care. Caregivers Can Use Cinesteam®’s Secondary Dressings to Improve Quality of Life in Palliative Care Settings.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Palliative care is a key aspect of recovery for many patients. Unlike hospice care (which is designed to maintain comfort and quality of life for a terminally ill patient), palliative care seeks to ease discomfort during a lengthy medical procedure, complement a healing process, or help manage long-term medical symptoms.

Quality palliative care involves an interdisciplinary approach to treatment that considers the holistic needs of a patient. Mayo Clinic explains the various care techniques that can help with this, saying, “These may include breathing techniques, healing touch, meditation, visualization or simply listening to music with headphones.” One aspect that is often left out of that list is wound care smell. Cinesteam® secondary dressings can play a key role in the process of managing these unwanted smells during long-term care.

“Many patients are unaware of the fact that malodorous wounds can create unpleasant odors—that is, until they’re faced with the smells during recovery,” explains Clémence Desjardin. The Director of Operations and Business Development at Cemag Care adds, “Once a wound begins creating a smell, it is in the best interest of a patient’s quality of life for caregivers to ameliorate those symptoms. Our secondary dressings offer a quick, effective solution that uses a natural compound as its primary active ingredient.”

Cinesteam® is a secondary dressing. (I.e., it is placed over a primary dressing and does not come in direct contact with a wound). The medical device contains an innovative design that features an adsorbent core and a cinnamon sachet that help to both capture unwanted volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and release cinnamon’s own natural aroma in exchange. This effectively masks the smells of malodorous wounds. Regardless of whether those unwanted smells come from a fungating wound bed or an infected bed pressure ulcer, Cinesteam® helps maintain a higher quality of life for those in the midst of a lengthy round of palliative care.

About Cinesteam®:
Cinesteam® is a brand owned by a French pharmaceutical company based in Paris, Cemag Care, which was founded in 2016 by Dr André Ulmann. The brand is built on an innovative over-the-counter medical solution that uses a single natural ingredient (cinnamon) as a secondary dressing for those managing malodorous wounds from tumors, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and more. Cinesteam® effectively masks unwelcome odors and improves quality of life. (It does not heal the wound itself). The patented concept was developed from 2015 to 2019 and brought to market in Europe in 2020. NOTE: Cinesteam® is a class one medical device. Please read the instructions before use. Learn more at and

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