Colorado’s Premier Cannabis Brand, LePow Extracts, Dives into the Recreational Market with Their Signature Rick Simpson Oil

DENVER, May 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For medical marijuana patients in Colorado, the name LePow Extracts is synonymous with unmatched quality; and now, recreational consumers will be able to enjoy the brand’s exceptional extracts as well. Their signature Rick Simpson Oil, as well as solventless concentrates and rosin, will be available for purchase in several of Colorado’s recreational dispensaries. In keeping with their mission to provide medical-grade product access for all, LePow Extracts is debuting a curated collection of products for recreational consumers.

Industry thought leaders and consumers alike are particularly enthusiastic about the newly-increased access to LePow Extracts’ Rick Simpson Oil, which was initially released for medical consumption in 2018. A collaborative effort between brand founders Tye Lam and Marcus Taylor, in conjunction with their close friend and retired chemist, David Spector, the full-spectrum oil is distinctly rich in cannabinoids. Spector was himself a medical marijuana patient suffering from cancer and aimed to formulate a product that could support the cancer treatment process while also enhancing an overall sense of well-being.

Eight years in the making, the final result was the brand’s incomparable Rick Simpson Oil made with 100% organic cannabis. As detailed on the now-live LePow Extracts website, one of the many characteristics that set their products apart is the complex processes by which they are made:

We began producing our signature Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) in 2018 and have worked tirelessly to improve our process and produce the highest quality RSO in Colorado. We go above and beyond to triple-filter our RSO after extraction—removing the unwanted fats, waxes, and sediment that lower potency and do not offer any benefit. In 2020, our team launched LePow Extracts’ line of full-spectrum edibles, which are infused with our highly regarded RSO. These edibles contain the novel cannabinoids and terpenes that make RSO so unique.

Using an extraction process that utilizes food-grade ethanol, LePow Extracts obtains a clean, premium-grade extract. Triple filtration eliminates any unwanted elements, making for an impeccably high-quality RSO. Packaged in a 1000mg syringe, LePow Extracts RSO can be conveniently enjoyed via dabbing or vaping. Because it is fully-decarboxylated, the RSO delivers the sought-after effects most commonly available in medicinal products only – but now that it’s for sale recreationally, you don’t need a CO medical marijuana card to reap the benefits.

Since the brand’s beginning, LePow Extracts has represented the gold standard in medical-grade marijuana extracts. And today, after much anticipation, recreational cannabis consumers in Colorado can also experience an elevated experience that exceeds every expectation. Consumers can contact their local recreational dispensary to request they carry LePow Extracts products, and dispensaries can directly connect with the brand for wholesale inquiries.

About LePow Extracts: Eight years in the making, LePow Extracts is a premium cannabis brand developed by one of the industry’s leading medical dispensaries, Kind Meds. Based in Denver, Colorado, the company serves consumers throughout the state by providing access to exceptional-quality products with medical-grade formulations. Using the highest standard of extraction technology, LePow Extracts elevates the standard for consistency, purity, and quality, offering a new level of product quality that few other companies can. Best known for their small-batch, full-spectrum cannabis concentrates and edibles, prioritizing whole-plant medicine and affordability alike.

For more information about LePow Extracts and the brand’s medical-grade cannabis products, please contact Marcus Taylor at
or 720-379-8431.

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