Comfort First Products Air Filtering Systems Can Assist Businesses to Help Employees and Customers Stay Safe During the Pandemic

LAKE ELSINORE, Calif., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The vaccine for the COVID-19 Pandemic has been developed in record time, however production will take until next winter to produce enough for all Americans. Comfort First Products is proud to offer options for business owners to improve the filtration for their ventilation systems for when they reopen.

Many organizations have closed their offices or have limited access during the pandemic, with the intent to keep employees and customers safe. Now is the most opportune time to update and revamp ventilation systems before employee’s return to work. With the current global pandemic, it is more important than ever to consider improving Indoor Air Quality – IAQ in the workplace. Because COVID-19 is a respiratory condition it is crucial to think critically about reducing viruses in the air. One area of IAQ that is particularly relevant to the pandemic is the HVAC system. HVAC systems have the potential to spread the virus across an office if not adequately handled. Comfort First Products is dedicated to providing workplaces throughout the country with products to create a safe, healthy and productive work environment by filtering the air people breathe.

Their Cadillac product is the Comfort First Filtered Diffuser, also known as the Commercial Filtered 4-Way Air Diffuser. This powder coated steel diffuser not only provides customizable 4-way airflow to prevent people from complaining about freezing or burning up from their overhead air vents and it comes with MERV 12 filters over each of the 4 adjustable louver discharge points, which traps viruses, bacteria, and pollutants as small as .03 microns in size at a 40.6% efficiency level at 150 fpm.  They also offer the option to upgrade to a MERV 14 Filter.  The filters last between 3 and 6 months, depending on the condition of your ductwork.  You can order their products or ask questions by phoning them at 714-550-4971.  You can also go online for and download additional information or to purchase at

Other filtered products include the Control-A-Flow Draft Eliminator with Anti-microbial filter.  This is an air deflector which clips onto the T-Bar under the existing 2′ X 2′ air diffuser.  It can re-direct the air in 4 directions following the ceiling, preventing air from blowing down onto occupants below preventing comfort complaints.  The filters are treated with the Dow Corning Aegis anti-microbial product and can destroy microorganisms at an 86.5% efficiency level.  Their Breathe Easy filtering system can be used to filter both supply and return air.  They use the same anti-microbial filters as the Control-A-Flow.  If someone is sick and sneezes or coughs and get germs get sucked into the return, the Breathe Easy can help prevent the germs from getting into the ductwork, which it could work its way through the ventilation system and re-enter the workspace.

About Comfort First Products

Comfort First Products has been involved in the HVAC industry since 1995. Comfort First Products strives to provide business owners with various products that enhance their employees and customers health, comfort, and safety with their unique patented product line.  You can get more information on their products by visiting their website at to find their line of products which address indoor air quality and personal comfort.


David Northcutt – National Sales Manager


SOURCE Comfort First Products

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