Create Virtual Reality Research Studies with Vizard 7 Software Toolkit

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WorldViz announced that they released Vizard 7, the new version of its Python-based VR development platform, offering Python 3.8 integration, VR device connectivity, and data collection. 

The update increases functionality with access to a range of Python community libraries. It integrates with over 150 VR devices such as data gloves, projection VR systems and eye tracked headsets. These include the latest version of Pupil Labs eye tracking, the new Manus data gloves, and improved integrations of new VR headsets.

“Vizard 7 lets you leverage the latest Python 3.8 open source libraries that are widely used by the research community, all wrapped into a friendly and open user interface. Vizard VR applications are supported by a range of VR devices and sensors that let you deploy an experiment in no time,” says Matthias Pusch, CEO of WorldViz.

In addition, Vizard 7 includes new avatar workflows and improvements in art workflows to allow for easy integrations across a wide range of 3D model creation programs and online content libraries.

“With its new avatar workflows for quality social interactions in VR, Vizard 7 is the perfect gateway for using Reallusion’s realistic digital characters and digital humans for academic research and professional applications such as training or virtual presentations,” said John Martin, VP of Marketing of Reallusion.

Vizard provides an adaptable and extensive development environment for scientific grade virtual reality, ideal for those in the research community, whether in university or business settings. With an embedded Python interface, the user experience is friendly, straightforward, and open, which means users don’t have to be a computer programmer to get started. The release of Vizard 7 builds on this foundation with features that cater directly to its core audience of researchers and innovators. 

“At BIOPAC Systems we are very excited to see the launch of Vizard 7 for our customers. Vizard is the easiest professional VR creation toolkit for designing life science experiments with BIOPAC data acquisition and analysis tools,” said Frazer Findlay, CEO of BIOPAC Systems.

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