CRIO Announces Partnership with Pluto Health to Expand and Accelerate Clinical Trial Access

Innovative solution benefits patients with access to clinical trials as a treatment option, ongoing personalized health insights, and ultimately speeding new treatments to market 

BOSTON, July 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CRIO, a Boston-based healthcare technology company, in partnership with Pluto Health, a Durham, NC-based smart care coordination service company, announces the development of a scalable integration that closes the last mile between clinical care and clinical research. CRIO’s Medical Records API delivers electronic medical records and other health histories, alongside comprehensive clinical care coordination. The process to gather information can occur within one sitting in under 30 minutes, without the need for any prior system integrations. The Pluto Health team then provides ongoing health maintenance support for potential participants. All this information is shared with patients, and with patient consent, can be shared with their clinicians and directly to principal investigators (PIs) at clinical research sites, ensuring care and research are coordinated.

“The U.S. leads the world in quality therapies, but access to the latest medical therapies, whether it’s part of a clinical trial or routine care is inequitable. Siloed data and ecosystems are high barriers to achieving better health. We are breaking those barriers, enabling comprehensive access to preventive health options and better care coordination,” says Dr Joy Bhosai, founder and CEO of Pluto Health, who formerly was associate director Duke Innovations in Healthcare and former Chief of Digital Health and Strategy of the Duke Clinical Research Institute. “We do all this while achieving the highest levels of privacy compliance and security certification, enabling us to work with partners such as large academic centers and Fortune 20 companies.”

CRIO’s innovative partnership with Pluto Health leverages the recent trends towards patient centricity within clinical trials, focusing on addressing the patient journey through the last mile. It delivers a powerful method to support patients’ care pathways through fully connected clinical coordination, while streamlining PI workflow, and enabling patient control over their health information.

“Over the past several decades, EMR systems have become standard in clinical care in the U.S. and many other countries, while EDC systems have become standard in global pharmaceutical trials. Naturally, the industry has been highly focused on the tantalizing possibility of integrating EMR into EDC,” explains Raymond Nomizu, co-founder and CEO at CRIO. “CRIO and Pluto Health have solved this problem. Our integration improves eligibility and safety oversight for sponsors, while creating operational efficiencies for sites.” 

This unique approach goes beyond PIs access to EMR data. The approach reviews and reconciles health status before entry into the EDC, and offers care coordination tools to advance patient care alongside clinical research operations. Once review and reconciliation are completed, the source records are populated in the EDC and remote monitors can view the underlying sanitized medical records with principal investigator annotations, along with the source records. This level of transparency enhances sponsor oversight of quality and patient safety.

About CRIO
CRIO is the leader in eSource technology. Our mission is to streamline clinical research to bring new medications to market faster. We have created a holistic paperless platform for conducting clinical trials that reduces data errors, streamlines regulatory workflows and accelerates timelines. Today, CRIO supports more than 2,000 global medical research sites. For more information, visit

About Pluto Health 
Pluto Health offers a platform that helps address health needs for patients, by unifying health information from disparate sources such as insurance, medical, and social determinants; integrates trusted clinical guidelines; and supports preventive care in minutes. Our service improves health care access through community-driven support when there are gaps in care, enhances decision-making, and incorporates clinical trials as a potential treatment option. Pluto Health supports healthcare providers to deliver best-in-class care to all their patients.

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Daenya McDonald
Marketing Director, CRIO