D2Fit Gears Up For ECRM’s Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition Show

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The upcoming Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference on Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition is expected to run smoothly as both brands and retailers have begun to adjust to the new virtual platform. Dance2Fit is a brand to watch during the upcoming ECRM program as they have burst onto the scene with their innovative product lineup over the past year.

October’s ECRM program is one of the largest nutrition industry conferences of the year, which attracting buyers from some of the largest retailers of health and wellness products in the United States. D2Fit knows the Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition ECRM program is an opportunity to meet with retail giants in the industry, and display their superior product formulas and glowing customer feedback.

Dance2Fit already has a strong following from their videos, dance classes, and online fan base but maintaining a presence on a variety of e-commerce stores has remained a successful strategy. In the highly competitive supplement market, Dance2Fit also stands out because of their commitment to ingredients that work. D2Fit listens to feedback from their customers and fans, and has tailored their products to their customers’ nutritional needs. Dance2Fit creates products for every step of the workout process from their D2Fit 4in1 Kick Start Fatburner, and D2Fit Multi-Collagen Preworkout drink, to their D2FIT Women’s All Day Time Release Whey Protein.

Throughout the year, D2Fit has focused on increasing their online sales, while still making time for new product development. Known for their “workout from anywhere fitness model,” D2Fit’s strong online presence will provide a strong foundation for the brand to fare well at October’s ECRM conference, where having products with an existing web presence is a major selling point.

D2Fit is excited to build new buyer relationships and gain additional exposure for the brand at the Vitamin, Weight Management & Sports Nutrition ECRM program, and they have plans to continue their retail expansion efforts throughout the coming year.

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