D2Fit Nutrition Supports Round-the-Clock Energy

The Sports Nutrition Brand’s Product Portfolio Offers Women Daily Supplements That Supports Increased Energy and Better Fitness Results

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Working out takes place at intervals throughout the week. Eating healthy is reserved for meals and snack times. But the overarching concept of “health and fitness” is an activity that occurs around the clock. It includes long-term elements, like drinking water consistently throughout the day and getting high-quality sleep every night. This continual aspect of a healthy lifestyle is essential, but it can also be overwhelming.

“Health and fitness is a lifestyle. It’s a mindset,” says D2Fit Nutrition and fitness icon Jessica Bass James. “It isn’t a specific activity or routine. It’s something you should always be engaged in.” James points out that this can make a healthy lifestyle feel overwhelming at times. “It’s hard. Health and fitness have a way of soaking up as much of your mental power as you can give it. If you don’t watch out, you’ll always be thinking about what you’re eating or how much you’re exercising. D2Fit Nutrition’s supplements are designed to help get the most out of each person’s limited time and then let them enjoy the results without stressing throughout the day.”

The dietary supplement range is designed specifically with the female anatomy in mind and delivers on a few critical areas of support, including increased energy levels, recovery, muscle growth, and nutritional support for bones, hair, joints, and skin.

These benefits come from several key ingredients, including whey protein, multi-collagen, and green tea and coffee bean extracts. These work together to help provide a supercharged fitness kick that keeps women on their feet and helps to support that every workout is as effective as possible, before, during, and after each session.

Some of James’s supplements are meant to go with each workout session. Others are designed to be consumed once every 24 hours, after which they provide steady health and fitness support throughout a women’s day. In either case, well-matched supplements help provide steady results that help women feel strong, healthy, and in shape at all times of the day.

“It’s important to invest your own time and effort into reaching your health goals,” James declares, “but there are times when you can use a leg up. The D2Fit supplement portfolio helps to keep your body working toward your goals, even when your time is limited or your mind is busy elsewhere.”

About D2Fit Nutrition:
D2Fit Nutrition is a line of sports nutrition supplements created by Jessica Bass James. The industry fitness leader’s popular supplements are designed to help women who want to look and feel their best. Learn more about D2Fit Nutrition at dance2fitwithjessicabass.com.

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