Dallas Men’s Health Opens to Meet the Sexual Health and Aesthetic Needs of Today’s Modern Men

Dallas Men’s Health, under the leadership of esteemed board-certified urologist Dr. Michael Wierschem, was created to help men live fuller, more joyful lives – and gain the performance and confidence they deserve.

DALLAS, Jan. 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Dallas Men’s Health, a men’s sexual health and aesthetics center, officially opens its doors to improve the psychological and physical wellness of its patients by using advanced and proven technologies and procedures. The Clinic provides AI-integrated Hair Restoration, Regenerative ED treatments, Penile Girth Enhancement, and more.

Dallas Men’s Health delivers a discreet and comfortable experience for its patients. “It’s time that men have a place where they can receive aesthetic and medical treatments comfortably and privately,” says Dr. Michael Wierschem, Dallas Men’s Health’s founder and CEO. The nationally-recognized and uniquely-specialized urologist adds, “Every bit of our clinic – from the services we provide to our highly-trained staff, and the technologies we use – has been built with safety, integrity, and professionalism in mind…”

Receiving patients from all over the country, Dallas Men’s Health delivers a sought-after, tailored, and customized approach to men’s aesthetic and performance concerns. After a confidential, in-depth consultation with his patients, Dr. Wierschem personally provides men with a tailored care plan, which may include any of a wide range of treatments, including AI-integrated Hair Transplantation, Acellular Stem Cell Therapy, and Patented Penile Girth Enhancement. “We’re focused on providing customized treatments and solutions that help men add vitality, energy, and confidence to their lives – and to the lives of the ones they love. We believe quality of life is just as important as quantity of life – and that’s why we do what we do,” adds Dr. Wierschem.

Dallas Men’s Health is accepting new patients and providing free, discreet consultations at its Dallas location: 3626 North Hall Street, Suite 905, Dallas TX 75219. P: 214-380-2678. E:

About Dallas Men’s Health
Dallas Men’s Health is a men’s sexual health and aesthetics clinic founded by Dr. Michael Wierschem, a nationally-recognized urologist with over 25 years of surgical uro-plastics experience. This Center of Excellence focuses on the ethical and discreet delivery of services. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the latest medical advancements, Dr. Wierschem provides innovative treatments, including Penile Girth Enhancement, Regenerative Erectile Dysfunction, AI-integrated Hair Restoration, and more. All services are designed to address men’s needs with the highest-possible quality standards for services and delivery.

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