Dare to ‘Just Do Nothing’: A New Guide to Thriving in Discomfort

Joanna Hardis Releases “Just Do Nothing: A Paradoxical Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way”

CLEVELAND, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Quoted in ‘Self,’ ‘Well & Good,’ and by ‘The Today Show,’ Joanna Hardis releases her ground-breaking new book, “Just Do Nothing: A Paradoxical Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way” published by Finn Phyllis Press.

Hardis, a renowned cognitive behavioral therapist based in Cleveland, Ohio, addresses the common human experience of feeling “stuck.” Drawing from years of professional experience, personal anecdotes, and cutting-edge research, she offers a refreshing evidence-based approach to navigating the complexities of life and the mind that keep so many stuck in their own way.

Challenging the prevailing notion that ‘doing more’ is the solution, Hardis asserts that sustainable change comes from changing your relationship with distress and discomfort. We can’t master it; the book is about changing your relationship with it. That’s what changes someone from “I can’t” to “I can’t yet.”

Early reviews have already hailed the book as a transformative guide to personal growth. Booklife Reviews selected the work as an Editors’ Pick, stating “Hardis argues that although many of us know what to do when life gets hard, how to actually do it confounds people… ‘Just Do Nothing’ makes the case that healing and lasting change come from learning to tolerate the discomfort of feelings.”

As noted by Midwest Book Review, “This book successfully incorporates witty humor, life antidote, and real-life examples that make this book enjoyable and one that can be incorporated into anyone’s lifestyle. To think the author may not have written this would have been an injustice to the world.”

Further praise in a five-star review from the Los Angeles Book Review mentioned, “Just Do Nothing” is “sweet and to the point. Hardis combines personal anecdotes with her skills as a professional therapist to help readers lay new neurological pathways to allow for lasting change.”

Key highlights of the book include:

  • Strategies to understand and respond to emotions, breaking the barriers that hold one back.
  • A detailed guide to creating a personal sliding scale of distress, helping readers increase their ability to tolerate discomfort.
  • Skills to let feelings be, instead of trying to let them go (and why this is important)

On the motivation behind her book, Hardis remarks, “So many people, despite knowing what to do, struggle with how to do it. With ‘Just Do Nothing’, I wanted to share the critical ‘why’ that drives our emotional responses and, more importantly, the ‘how’ to approach distress in ways that promote true growth and understanding.”

“Just Do Nothing: A Paradoxical Guide to Getting Out of Your Own Way” is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore nationwide. 

About Joanna Hardis:

Joanna Hardis, LISW-S, is a cognitive behavioral therapist committed to using evidence-based treatments to help people navigate life’s discomforts. She has been quoted in media outlets such as Self, Well & Good, and the Today Show. Beyond her book, Joanna continues her mission through her private practice, workshops, and talks on distress tolerance. She is based in Cleveland, Ohio.


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