Dentavax Aims to Effortlessly Rehabilitate Oral Health

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Oral health is a major concern for those interested in the holistic preservation of their bodies. Research has consistently indicated that health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, and even birth complications could be linked to poor oral hygiene. It’s a problem that health and wellness brand Muno-Vax was well aware of as it developed its groundbreaking oral hygiene supplement Dentavax.

Dentavax is a dietary supplement that comes in a simple lozenge form making it easy to consume on a regular basis. It primarily consists of mint and eucalyptus oils as well as a unique, freeze-dried, immune support complex. The company’s objective in developing the product was twofold. First, it was created in an attempt to alleviate existing gum disease in customers. Second, once existing problems were eradicated, it was designed to further provide immune support power. This one-two punch is meant to address both short- and long-term oral health as the condition of the mouth can be a key contributor to multiple health concerns, such as those already mentioned above.

Dentavax claims to work by maintaining the state of the gums. It does this by supporting the immune function of oral mucosa (the membrane that covers the inside of your oral cavity — including your gums). This is important for the longevity of one’s oral health, as healthy gums are less likely to develop gum disease or even suffer from common aging ailments such as receding gums, which the CDC flags as a leading cause of tooth decay in older individuals.

Dentavax is an easy-to-access supplement that holds fast to Muno-Vax’s larger commitment to promoting immune health. The health and wellness brand has worked tirelessly to support individual immunity through its diverse battery of products. Not surprisingly, one area where it has shown particular concern is with oral health and the treatment of gum disease. With little-to-no effective treatments available apart from expensive dental procedures, Dentavax offers a potential solution to a health concern that plagues tens of millions of adult Americans.

The supplement is cost-effective, accessible, and easy to consume, all of which were factors that were lacking in previously existing remedies. The effectiveness of the supplement in actually improving oral hygiene will continue to be revealed in time. The singular nature of Dentavax has helped Muno-Vax stand out in the health and wellness market as a leading provider of immune support products that aim to make a dramatic difference in consumers’ lives.

About Muno-Vax: Bulgarian-based Muno-Vax Biotechnologies is closely associated with Natstim, Ltd as well as the biotech manufacturing arm of The National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. Its products focus on promoting immune health particularly in the areas of gingivitis, respiratory illnesses, and men’s prostate health.

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