DIGESTISSIMOH Lightens Heavy Holiday Digestion

The Holidays Are Filled With Unusual and Unhealthy Foods. PLAMECA’s Natural Digestive Products Support a Well-Functioning Stomach and Intestinal Tract.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The holidays are filled with all kinds of unusual foods. From cookies to cranberry sauce, from roasted potatoes to red velvet cake, there are endless options to satisfy the taste buds. Unfortunately, many end-of-year edibles are also loaded with sugars, oils, and other unhealthy ingredients that can leave the digestive tract struggling to keep up. Overindulging, stressful schedules, and a lack of healthy habits, like drinking enough water, can also exacerbate things. This leads to digestive flare-ups and a ripple effect of other unpleasant symptoms.

“Holiday eating is fun in the moment, but it can have serious consequences after the fact,” says Óscar Fernández, managing director at the natural phytotherapy brand PLAMECA. “It’s important to practice discipline and self-control as you go from one holiday party or event to the next.”

The health executive adds that even precautions like this are often not enough as the body copes with a smorgasbord of unusual dishes and their various ingredients. “If your digestion simply can’t keep up with the holiday eating, there are natural solutions that can help,” he adds. “PLAMECA has multiple science-backed digestive formulas that use natural ingredients to restore comfort and normalcy to your digestive tract.”

One of these formulas is DIGESTISSIMOH. The phytotherapy product functions as an all-in-one solution for upset digestion. Probiotics and digestive enzymes help the GI system break down food, while ginger restores normal bowel function.

For those who find themselves backed up by the endless holiday snacking, QUICKISEN is another option. The natural laxative uses ingredients like senna extract and plum juice to loosen things up and restore momentum in the intestinal tract. It is effective without the need to use a stronger synthetic, like polyethylene glycol (which is the main ingredient in Miralax, is synthetic, and is derived from petroleum).

As individuals manage an unusual and, at times, upsetting holiday eating schedule, PLAMECA’s natural health products can help both prevent and ameliorate digestive concerns without resorting to stronger pharmaceutical solutions. They are essential health tools that make it easier to enjoy every minute of the holiday season without worrying about paying a price through upset digestion after the fact.

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PLAMECA is a phytotherapy company founded in 1984 with the initial intention of providing medicinal herbs and plants — which it did for 1,500 retailers across the Spanish geography. In 1994, PLAMECA expanded to manufacture its own food supplements, creating a range of products using herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Currently, PLAMECA products are manufactured in modern facilities using up-to-date scientific methods and are sold in 33 countries. The company has also invested $11 million in an aggressive plan to expand its health and wellness focus over the next five years. Learn more at plameca.com.

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