Downtown & D2 Dispensaries Ready for Tucson Recreational Cannabis Sales

TUCSON, Ariz., March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Downtown Dispensary, a Tucson cannabis dispensary located at the intersection of 6th Avenue and 6th Street, has completed its first week of recreational marijuana sales. The D2 Dispensary, an east Tucson cannabis store located at the intersection of 22nd Street and Kolb road, now serves licensed patients and recreational customers in one of the fastest growing parts of the city. The retail & production facilities have added over 40 people since the end of December 2020.

Downtown & D2 leadership and management teams are tracking and modifying day to day logistical operations during this expansion to ensure that returning medical marijuana patients and new 21+ recreational customers are being served in a fast & efficient manner. Mohit “Moe” Asnani is an Eller College of Management alum who worked in healthcare information systems prior to entering the cannabis industry. Charles “Chip” Boyden is a US Army Veteran who previously worked in healthcare and the financial markets.

“Many cannabis retailers in Tucson are locally owned, but how many can say that the majority of the products on their shelves are locally made and sustainably packaged?” said Moe Asnani. “Our goal is to grow rapidly in a sustainable manner that recognizes the fragility of our environment and the health & wellbeing of our team. That is why we created ECOPRIDE and why we offer a solid benefits plan to our people.”

In the last seven years, Downtown & D2 Dispensaries have created the iLAVA line of products including iLAVA Touch, Arizona’s bestselling cannabis topical. All iLAVA ClearGold, Atomic, Δ8 Clarity, and Entourage vape packaging is 95%+ plastic-free with custom inserts made using molded fiber pulp. iLAVA vape hardware is glass & ceramic only. iLAVA Magma and Lumen extracts are packaged in German glass containers. The Touch ECOPRIDE™ Edition is made of bamboo as are the lids on iLAVA FEEL

New brands grounded in sustainability created by the group include zenzona vegan edibles and HiKeto! ketogenic foods available at both stores. Both product lines use sustainable packaging including rice paper bags & kraft paper. The group is also launching a new 12-pack preroll product packaged in hemp plastic this month. Only locally grown DTF cannabis will be packaged in the new preroll containers. The locally made sleep-focused product line, Indica PM, is packaged in rapid degradation plastic containers and will be transitioned to rice-paper bags in the second quarter of 2021.

The Downtown & D2 Dispensaries are on track to expand to over 200 local employees in 2021.

Government affairs for the group is steered by Gibson McKay of Sherpa Public Affairs. Downtown & D2 Dispensaries are members of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.

For Recreational Cannabis Customers:

  • You must be over 21 to purchase marijuana in Arizona
  • You can buy 28.35 grams of marijuana/cannabis, of which only up to 5 grams may be extracts or concentrates
    • To protect inventory for our medical marijuana patients due to the current statewide shortage, we are currently limiting recreational customers to 14.5 grams (7 grams of flower & 7.5 grams of prerolls) per transaction. This is subject to change at a later date.
  • You may not resell any marijuana purchase from a state-licensed marijuana establishment
  • You will have to pay an additional 16% excise tax that contributes funds to the following:
    • Community colleges
    • Local police and fire agencies
    • Local and state transportation projects
    • Public health and criminal justice programs

For Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients:

  • You have to continue paying only local & state sales tax (same as before)
  • You can buy up to 2.5 ounces every 14 days (same as before)
  • You get a 15% everyday discount on select products for shopping locally

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DTF, HiKeto! and zenzona websites are coming soon. These products are available at The Downtown & D2 Dispensaries.

Sabrina Meyer – (602) 621-0648

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