Dr. Brandon Crawford to Speak at the Biohacking Conference and Launch 528 Innovations’ Groundbreaking 528i Laser

AUSTIN, Texas, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Brandon Crawford, functional Neurologist and expert in Photobiomodulation is set to speak at Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference. Alongside his presentation, Dr. Crawford will unveil the latest innovation from 528 Innovations: the 528i Laser. This cutting-edge device promises to revolutionize biohacking and home-based laser therapy.

One of the most groundbreaking tools in modern therapeutic practices is the use of light or photobiomodulation—specifically, laser therapy. The link between light and human health is well-documented in over 5,000 medical research articles. This provides practitioners and innovators, like Dr. Brandon Crawford of 528 Innovations, with science-backed insights to achieve incredible outcomes with laser and light therapy.

Dr. Crawford and 528 Innovations have developed laser therapy solutions that leverage technology, science, and wellness best practices to offer safe and effective ways to incorporate light into daily health routines. At the conference, Dr. Crawford will explore the innovative features of the 528i Laser and demonstrate how this technology can significantly improve health outcomes. The 528i Laser launches with three wavelengths: 808nm for boosting cellular energy, 975nm for enhancing cellular hydration and reversing EMF damage, and Red 638nm for accelerating systemic healing. Designed for ease of use, the 528i Laser offers the simplest user interface on the market, ensuring accessible treatment for everyone. Users can switch out laser modules without needing to purchase a new system, making it both economical and adaptable. The accompanying software app guides users through personalized programs for various conditions, effectively bringing Dr. Crawford’s expertise into the home.

“We designed the 528i Laser to address the exact needs and concerns of our patients. By incorporating feedback and leveraging cutting-edge technology, we’ve created a device that is not only powerful and effective but also safe and easy to use at home. Our goal is to make advanced laser therapy accessible to everyone, enhancing their healing journeys in ways that were previously unimaginable,” said Dr. Brandon Crawford, Co-Founder, of 528 Innovations and NeuroSolution.

The 528i Laser is the first-ever Class 3R laser combining the power density of a Class 4 laser with the safety of a Class 3R, offering effective treatment with peace of mind. The mobile app connects users with their care team, wellness goals, and a thriving community, ensuring they stay informed, motivated, and engaged.

Dr. Brandon Crawford, DC, FIBFN, is a leading figure in Functional Neurology and Photobiomodulation. As the lead physician and owner at the NeuroSolution Center of Austin, Dr. Crawford pursued degrees in biomedical science and business from Texas A&M University and holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Human Anatomy and Health & Wellness from Parker University. He is a licensed doctor of chiropractic in Texas, USA, and Dubai, UAE, and a Fellow of the International Board of Functional Neurology. Renowned for his advancements in laser and light therapy, Dr. Crawford frequently lectures on photobiomodulation and neurophysiology and is currently authoring a book on neuroplasticity following brain injuries. He has helped to develop the NeuroSolution ESM Methods, drawing from his extensive background in biomedical science, human anatomy, and health & wellness. Dr. Crawford is also the co-founder and managing partner of several branches and product arms of NeuroSolution.

For more information about Dr. Brandon Crawford, 528 Innovations, and the 528i Laser, visit https://528innovations.com/, https://www.drbrandoncrawford.com/ or follow https://www.instagram.com/bcrawforddc/

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