Dr. Erin Sundt of Waterford Dental Arts Revolutionizes Sleep Apnea Treatment with Oral Appliance Therapy

WATERFORD, Mich., May 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Waterford Dental Arts is excited to announce the revolutionary work of Dr. Erin Sundt in the field of sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Sundt’s innovative approach utilizing oral appliance therapy has brought relief and improved quality of life to numerous patients struggling with this potentially serious sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea affects millions of people worldwide, disrupting sleep patterns and posing significant health risks. While Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines have traditionally been the go-to treatment, many patients find them uncomfortable and inconvenient, resulting in poor compliance and suboptimal outcomes.

Understanding the need for a patient-centered solution, Dr. Erin Sundt advocates an alternative treatment: oral appliance therapy. By customizing oral appliances for each individual, Dr. Sundt has successfully helped countless patients find respite from the debilitating symptoms of sleep apnea.

Oral appliance therapy involves wearing a specialized device, similar to a mouthguard, during sleep. These appliances are designed to reposition the jaw, tongue, and soft tissues, effectively keeping the airway open and preventing breathing interruptions associated with sleep apnea. Sundt’s personalized approach ensures that each patient receives an appliance tailored to their unique anatomy, ensuring optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Through her expertise in dental sleep medicine and commitment to ongoing research and technology, Dr. Sundt has achieved remarkable results in sleep apnea treatment. Patients have reported significant improvements in sleep quality, reduced daytime fatigue, and overall well-being. Additionally, oral appliance therapy has proven to be an excellent alternative for those who struggle with CPAP machines or have difficulty tolerating them.

Waterford Dental Arts is proud to support Dr. Erin Sundt’s groundbreaking advancements in sleep apnea treatment. Driven by her passion for improving patients’ lives, she continues to empower individuals to regain restful sleep and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. For more information about sleep apnea treatment and oral appliance therapy at Waterford Dental Arts, or to schedule a consultation, please visit our website at https://dentistinwaterford.com/ or contact us at (248) 623-7722.

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