Dr. Nancy J. Williams: Can A Wholistic Lifestyle Approach Be the Key to Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss?

Are you using the right approach for your health, wellness, and lose weight goals?

ATLANTA, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After years of research, development, and testing of her “Wholistic Weight Loss Wellness Made Simple Programs,” and using her findings for her clients and her own weight loss goals, Dr. Nancy J. Williams has developed a revolutionary wholistic approach to losing weight and keeping it off.

The National Institute for Health, along with the Harvard School of Health, report that 2 out of 3 adults are overweight, more than 3 out of 5 adults have obesity, and about 1 out of 11 adults have severe obesity. 

“Overweight and obesity have become an epidemic in America, and with all the rapid weight loss claims and unhealthy fad diets, it’s leaving consumers confused and frustrated on what to do,” she says.

Dr. Nancy states in her latest book, “Wholistic, Weight Loss, Wellness Made Simple: The 5 Secret Pillars To Living Holistically And Losing Weight,” “Health is frequently defined as the absence of disease or sickness, and while this description is correct, it lacks the breadth of a broader approach to wholistic health, wellness, and weight loss. This means that your health should be determined by more factors than just your nutrition and physical exercise.”

She goes on to explain the 5 secret pillars that should be considered when you’re making any health and wellness changes. The 5-pillars include spiritual consciousness, mental clarity, emotional intelligence, physical health, and relational observations.

To help her clients understand how to successfully lose weight and keep it off, she explains, “There are 5 master keys to effectively losing your extra weight and taking a wholistic approach and mastering these 5 keys will give you long-term benefits you desire: a healthy sustainable weight, improved self-image, balanced nutrition, mental clarity, and less stress.”

Dr. Nancy also has an 8-week Coach-The-Coach Wholistic Health, Wellness, And Weight Loss Certification Program showing beginner or seasoned health and wellness coaches how to set up and run a successful online health and wellness coaching business.

She states there are 5-masterclasses for her certification that will ensure the success of coaches and their clients. They include:

Masterclass #1 – A self-check balance of wholistic health, wellness, and weight loss.

Masterclass #2 – Mindset: Are you clear in your mind about your weight loss goals?

Masterclass #3 – Emotional eating and stress: What you need to know and watch out for.

Masterclass #4 – Getting physically fit, what you can do for life.

Masterclass #5 – Social sabotage: Are your family and friends hurting you?

She also mentions that living a wholistic lifestyle is just that, “a lifestyle,” meaning you don’t do it for a week or two. You gradually incorporate small, gradual changes that, within time, will give you huge returns on your quality of life. 

Lastly, she states there are no quick fixes. “Making changes means getting the support you need, being consistent, and being patient with yourself during the process.”

Is a wholistic approach to health, wellness, and weight loss the solution you’ve been searching for?  And as Dr. Nancy states, “There are no overnight quick fixes.”

Dr. Nancy’s years of wholistic lifestyle experience and rave reviews of her health and wellness programs just might be your solution and America’s solution to help overcome obesity.

About Dr. Nancy J. Williams

Dr. Nancy is a wholistic doctor, weight loss and detox expert, personal and professional growth coach, speaker, and author.  You can find her weight loss masterclasses and coach-the-coach wholistic health, wellness, and weight loss certification program at https://weightlosswellnessmadesimple.com/

Dr. Nancy J. Williams


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