Dry Heels Treatment Brand Soft Touch Releases Dead Skin Exfoliator Enriched with Lavender Scent

HICKORY, N.C., April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Soft Touch is pleased to announce that its natural foot peel mask is now available with a new lavender scent. The product has already received over 12,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers and has been recognized recently as an Amazon’s Choice product. This dry heel treatment functions as an effective foot peel for removing dead skin and repairing cracked heels.  Each pack comes with two peeling masks suitable for men and women.

To find out more, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Soft-Touch-Exfoliating-Callus-Remover/dp/B00YJISUI8.

Dry, cracked, and flaking skin is especially common on the heel and sole because these areas have fewer oil glands compared to skin elsewhere on the body. Standing for too long or wearing poor-fitting shoes can put constant pressure on specific areas of the feet or cause skin friction. As a result, these areas may become dry, callused or cracked. Dead cells on the surface of the skin naturally fall off, and new cells take their place. When a person does not remove the buildup of dead skin cells, they can form thick, flaky patches on the feet. Over time, dry areas can become thick or cracked, especially on the heels. Cracked heels make the feet vulnerable to infection, while thick calluses can make walking difficult or uncomfortable.

The feet exfoliator mask contains a unique blend of botanical extracts as well as other ingredients such as apple, lemon and aloe vera. In addition to being effective for treating cracked heels and calluses, all these ingredients are also safe to use on the skin. According to the brand, the product is easy to use and makes feet start peeling in just 7-14 days.

“Leave the foot peel booties on your feet for one hour so that the ingredients can work their magic. The special blend of ingredients and botanical extracts work together to produce amazing results. Our foot peel will penetrate your feet and remove your dead, rough skin. This foot peeling mask also acts as a cracked heel treatment that will hydrate and nourish your new baby-soft skin,” said a spokesperson from Soft Touch.

“I had painful and severe calluses on my feet, and so, before spending hours with a foot bath and a pumice stone, I decided to give these a go. They worked exactly as advertised, and they did help me to get several layers off of the calluses before I finally had to attack my feet with a file. Very satisfying to walk around shedding pieces of skin, highly recommended. I left the packets on for about an hour and a half after soaking my feet for a half hour. Then, I would soak my feet every day for 15-20 minutes at minimum. I withheld moisturizer until the peeling was close to finished. Worked great, and my feet feel fresh and new,” said an impressed user.

To find out more about Soft Touch’s dry heels treatment, please visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.

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Soft Touch is led by Tim and Lynsey Frey from Hickory, NC. Their foot peel masks rid feet of rough heels and stubborn calluses. This leaves feet feeling baby soft and refreshed without the hassle of useless tools or expensive trips to the spa.

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