Earthy Select Upholds High Standards for THCa Flower Amid Regulatory Ambiguity

ASHVILLE, N.C., July 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the cloud of uncertainty created by a recent DEA letter, Earthy Select reaffirms its commitment to supplying superior THCa flower products. The North Carolina-based company, a pioneer in the hemp industry since 2018, continues to grow its reach across the United States while reassuring customers of the legality of post-harvest hemp-derived THCa flower, compliant with the US Farm Bill.

A recent statement from the DEA raised questions about the legal status of THCa, particularly in relation to its potential conversion into Delta-9 THC. Yet, Rod Kight, a prominent cannabis attorney, and other legal experts clarified that according to the Farm Bill, the determinant for hemp compliance is post-harvest Delta-9 THC levels, not THCa.

More about DEA’s stance can be found on Earthy Select’s blog.

Earthy Select underscores the importance of understanding the intricacies of federal laws in an industry marked by legislative complexities yet ripe with potential.

Despite the confusion introduced by the DEA’s statement, Earthy Select forges ahead, offering a selection of eight premium AAA and traditional strains of THCa flower for consumers. The company’s commitment to quality matches its dedication to compliance. While it maintains a robust presence in its home state of North Carolina, Asheville, Earthy Select is also rapidly expanding into markets in states like Texas, Tennessee and Alabama, where demand for compliant hemp-derived THCa flower products is increasing rapidly.

Earthy Select offers peace of mind in a complex industry for those seeking premium, compliant THCa flower, THCa pre-rolls, and THCa concentrates like THCa diamonds, rosin and THCa hash. The company takes extensive measures to ensure their products align with laws and regulations, thanks to their partnership with expert legal counsel and rigorous third-party lab Testing.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding THCa, Earthy Select continues to stand at the forefront of the hemp industry, delivering high-quality THCa flower and products to its growing client base.

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