Ellie Family Services Launches Ellie Express, a New Short-Term Therapeutic Program for Individuals Experiencing Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed in Their Day-to-Day Lives

TWIN CITIES, Minn., Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Ellie Family Services recently announced the launch of its new specialized therapy program for individuals feeling stressed and who are ready to take control of their emotions. Ellie Express is an eight-week therapy program designed for highly motivated individuals who want a short-term investment for long-term results. The program was built for folks who are struggling with a new onset of daily stress, anxiety, or depression, even though they may have never experienced those feelings before. Sometimes, those emotions are triggered by a recent life stressor like changing jobs, moving to a new city, or starting school. Or, those emotions may be triggered by living during a time of overall stress (pandemic, anyone?).

Ellie Express is an eight-week program that includes a diagnostic assessment session, a treatment planning session, and sixteen 40-minute Ellie Express sessions. Ellie Express therapists follow a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy curriculum designed in-house at Ellie Family Services. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a treatment form that focuses on challenging unhelpful thinking patterns, identifying how our thoughts impact our emotions and behavior, developing coping strategies, and improving emotion regulation. Ellie Family Services has added a unique twist to traditional CBT work through Ellie Express, and their curriculum is infused with humor and authenticity, two of the organization’s core values.

Each program participant receives an Ellie Express workbook that helps guide them through their work with their therapist as well as their homework between sessions. The program is structured and includes daily therapeutic exercises to support the development of healthy coping skills, building emotion regulation strategies, and practicing mindfulness.

Ellie Express is different than traditional therapy in that it packs an intense amount of therapeutic content and skill building into a short period of time. Sometimes traditional talk therapy may be brief and only last a handful of months; other times it’s long-term and can last a handful of years. Ellie Express is time limited and focused on delivering high therapeutic value for individuals who are motivated to work hard on improving their well-being and feel better quickly.

Erin Pash, Ellie Family Services co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, says, “Ellie Express is your fast track to sustained wellness. If you spent the last year feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, and you’re ready to jumpstart your journey to wellness, Ellie Express is the program for you. We’re excited to offer this program that helps fill a gap in the mental health industry. There are programs that offer intensive services for individuals experiencing crisis or high acuity of mental health needs. But short-term, intensive programs for highly motivated, stressed out people are few and far between. Ellie Express offers a structured way to give these folks the boost they need to feel confident and capable in managing their stress.”

Through structured therapy sessions and intentional skill practice, Ellie Express participants finish the program feeling more in control of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. They are better able to manage their stress, and they gain a plethora of coping mechanisms. At the end of eight weeks, Ellie Express graduates have the confidence and skills they need to move beyond life’s obstacles and find joy in the chaos. With the coping skills and emotion regulation strategies they learn, Ellie Express graduates are better able to navigate future life stressors and challenging experiences.

More information about the Ellie Express program is available now. Check out the link below to learn more!


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