eNeura Achieves Record-Breaking Sales and Announces Notice of Allowance for a New Patent on Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine Headache

Record sales in April accelerating the pathway to profitability

New IP will lead the way in changing the way migraine headaches are addressed

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — eNeura, a pioneering leader in therapeutic solutions, proudly announces a monumental milestone in its journey towards revolutionizing migraine treatment. With unwavering commitment to innovation and patient well-being, eNeura has already reached record breaking sales in the month of April experiencing its highest month of revenue to date raising expectations and accelerating the timeline forward on profitability thus increasing eNeura’s ability to scale the business much faster than anticipated.

The remarkable surge in sales and revenue is testament to eNeura’s dedication to meeting the needs of patients suffering from chronic migraines. This unprecedented achievement reflects not only the company’s financial strength but also its profound impact on the healthcare landscape. The growing demand has significantly increased and continues to outpace supply, indicating a pressing need for accelerated production.

“Our ability to achieve record-breaking sales underscores the effectiveness and demand for our migraine treatment,” said Teresa Kazaros, Chief Operating Officer at eNeura. “We are dedicated to scaling our manufacturing capabilities to meet the overwhelming demand for our devices, ensuring that we can get them into the hands of patients as swiftly as possible thus creating an accelerated anticipation that profitability is not only in the here and now but also sustainable for the foreseeable future.”

Announcement of additional IP

In addition, eNeura announces communication from their IP counsel of a Notice of Allowance for a new patent on Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine Headache. This patent further extends the IP protection for SAVI Dual for an additional 17 years and there are more patents in process that are meant to further expand the use of sTMS to treat and prevent migraine that we believe will reset several of our earlier patents expanding exclusivity for a significant period of time.

“We have been working diligently on this patent application for a while and are very excited to finally have it issued,” said Dr. David Rosen, Chairman of eNeura. “We also have some additional patent applications in process that will expand the use of sTMS to treat and prevent migraine that we believe will reset several of our early patents and expand exclusivity for a significant period.”

The outlook for eNeura shines brightly, with a commitment to providing a safe and effective alternative to traditional migraine treatment. By offering patients a non-invasive, drug-free option, eNeura is poised to transform the therapeutic landscape for migraine sufferers, providing hope and relief while minimizing the harmful side effects associated with conventional medications.

As eNeura continues to advance its mission of enhancing the lives of individuals afflicted by chronic migraines, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation, compassion, and patient-centric care.

Visit eNeura’s website www.eneura.com to learn more about their groundbreaking solutions revolutionizing the treatment landscape for migraine and beyond.

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Teresa Kazaros