Entrinsic Bioscience Announces Breakthrough Innovation for Next Generation Sports and Recreational Rehydration™ Beverages

HEAAT-Clinical study demonstrates advances in heat protection, immune support and inflammation reduction in exertional heat stress-

NORWOOD, Mass., Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Entrinsic Bioscience (EBS) has published a ground-breaking clinical study demonstrating the potential for next generation sports and rehydration beverages, powered by its new Ultra-Hydrating HeatDefense™ formula which promotes dual action rapid rehydration with new levels of heat protection during sports, physical exertion and high heat stress. This formula also harnesses the power of eight times the number of electrolyte transporters resulting in more complete and faster rehydration. Unlike glucose-based beverages which utilize only one transporter, this formula will provide consumers superior electrolyte and water absorption with increased heat protection, immune support and inflammation reduction during exertional heat stress.

“We are excited to announce the results of this study demonstrating the potential to transform traditional sports and recreational beverages around the globe,” stated Stephen Gatto, chairman and CEO of Entrinsic Bioscience. “This study highlights the unique ability of this first-of-its-kind dual action formula to target advances in heat protection, coupled with Ultra-Hydration™, to help drive optimal performance.” Gatto continued, “We believe our natural, sugar-free, Ultra-Hydrating HeatDefense formula will be a game changer whether protecting children playing on the ball field, adults working in high heat environments, or soldiers training in extreme conditions.”

Entrinsic’s exclusive Ultra-Hydrating HeatDefense formula combines a patented amino acid blend that provides statistically significant levels of protection against exertional heat stress. The formulas in the clinical study, whether as part of a functional water, sports drink or recreational beverage, deliver new, targeted benefits like heat protection, immune support and inflammation reduction by protecting against gastrointestinal (GI) permeability, or “leaky gut,” that can result from these types of stressors.

The clinical study, conducted at the renowned Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, used a scientifically-validated design to show that two EBS amino acid formulations successfully protected the GI barrier during exercise-induced heat stress and provided faster recovery from “leaky gut.” The study was conducted by Ricardo Costa, MD, a recognized expert in the field of exercise-induced heat stress and how it impacts GI health.

Neil Fawkes, MD explained the significance of the Monash study findings: “This is the first study to demonstrate the meaningful impact our Ultra-Hydrating HeatDefense formula can have for consumers of sports and functional beverages. They provide new, targeted GI benefits and protection while simultaneously addressing the need for rapid rehydration.”

“It has been proven in multiple clinical studies that physical exertion and heat stress can lead to dehydration, gastrointestinal damage and increased intestinal permeability which allows the leakage of harmful bacteria directly into the bloodstream, fueling systemic inflammation and other performance-reducing side effects,” added Dr. Fawkes.

The new EBS study, titled “Amino Acid-Based Beverage Interventions Ameliorate Exercise-Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome in Response to Exertional-Heat Stress: The Heat Exertion Amino Acid Technology (HEAAT) Study” demonstrated that drinking beverages containing EBS amino acid blends twice a day for seven days, before and during intense exertional-heat stress, significantly reduced damage to the intestinal lining as well as unwanted inflammatory and immune responses.

New benefits delivered by the EBS amino acid-based beverages during the HEAAT study include:

  • Protection of the intestinal barrier during sport, physical exertion and heat
  • Protection against the leakage of harmful bacteria into the bloodstream
  • Reduction in systemic inflammation from leaky gut
  • Reduction in unwanted immune response which stresses the immune system

About Entrinsic Bioscience

Entrinsic Bioscience (EBS) is a pioneering life science company that combines its proprietary amino acid-based science and discovery engine to deliver patented product innovations and next-generation functional ingredients. Through proprietary bio-mapping and electrophysiology techniques, the EBS platform harnesses the body’s natural processes to restore, protect and enhance health and wellness. To learn more, visit www.entrinsicbioscience.com. EBS owns enterade® Advanced Oncology and enterade® IBS-D, medical nutrition beverages offering multi-symptom relief for patients undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea. enterade® Advanced Oncology is recommended in more than 700 Cancer Clinics for supportive care.

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