Eon Announces 185th Facility to Go Live with Eon’s Essential Patient Management Solution

DENVER, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Eon, a Denver-based healthtech leader, announced it has successfully gone live with its patient management software in 185 facilities across the country. Since August of 2019,  Eon successfully implemented its Essential Patient Management (EPM) technology that positively identifies incidental pulmonary nodules with 98.99% precision at more than 110 new hospitals.

“We are proud to have a long list of health systems across the country utilizing Eon for early detection of lung cancer,” Christine Spraker, co-CEO of Eon said. “We are even more proud of our implementation speed and ability to successfully integrate into any complex healthcare IT environment. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States and slow or delayed implementations can dramatically impact patient outcomes.”

Eon has the only market available lung cancer screening and incidental pulmonary nodule management platform that uses Computational Linguistics—proprietary data science models that can interpret text similar to how the human brain does. The technology is developed by a team of physicians and data scientists to provide predictive incidental patient identification and follow-up solutions that decrease administrative burden and improve patient adherence to follow-up exams.

Spraker continues, “Computational Linguistics is a more sophisticated form of natural language processing. Instead of brute force and keyword scraping techniques that NLP uses, Computational Linguistics is able to reduce both false positive and false negative findings, positively impacting hospital FTE workflow and patient outcomes. Eon is the first, and only, healthtech company to approach radiographic incidental identification with Computational Linguistics. When you combine that with our ability to integrate into any complex hospital IT setting, you begin to see a shift in what clinicians expect from healthtech vendors.”

Not only does Eon offer superior patient identification and tracking solutions to hospitals across the nation, but the company also stands strong in its belief that disease-defying technology should be affordable and easy to implement. That’s why Eon offers its software at a fraction of the cost and implements in a record-breaking seven days, across diverse tech environments. This is unheard of in the healthtech industry, which is known for million-dollar price tags and painfully slow implementation timelines.

Eon will continue its momentum and will be live in 215 facilities by the end of 2020. Additionally, the Eon team has expanded its technology beyond lung into additional incidental disease identification and management, including AAA, Pancreas, Thyroid, and a module for Actionable Findings. The company’s dedication and drive are fueled by the positive outcomes of early identification and intervention of catastrophic disease.

About Eon
Eon is a Denver-based healthtech company dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare data is gathered, curated, and shared among industry professionals. We are on a mission to ensure the right data reaches the right people at the right time to identify disease early and stop it in its tracks. We believe together we can defy disease.

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