ESC Brands Boasts Three New Products to Kill COVID-19, Zetrisil® Is The Scientifically Proven Answer to Protect Our Children and More Safely Open Schools

GREENSBORO, N.C., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ESC Brands is striving to assist with the safe opening of schools by better protecting children and staff from the further spread of the COVID-19 virus in the classroom environment.  ESC’s Zetrisil®-based products have been proved as effective as alcohol-based sanitizers, with proven persistence of activity without the toxicity and flammability concerns of traditional sanitizers.

ESC’s Zetrisil®-based technologies are a family of proprietary silicon-based virus killing agents that reduce the presence of the virus from the hands, skin surfaces, fabric, and clothing in most environments.  By using a trio of safer products in combination to combat the further spread of the virus, ESC is convinced our children can return to school with minimal virus transfer between school and the home environment. 

Recent studies completed by the University of Alabama in Huntsville prove that Zetrisil®-based products are highly effective and demonstrate persistent activity against the COVID-19 virus.

ESC’s FDA- & Health Canada-registered hand sanitizers show an initial 30- & 60-second virus kill rate of 99.90%, with persistence of virus-killing activity for four hours after a single initial application. The company claims its Zetrisil®-based hand sanitizer is far safer and more effective than alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  Zetrisil® stays on the surface of the skin and is proven to kill the COVID-19 virus for four hours per application.  In contrast, alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be absorbed into the bloodstream, are extremely flammable, and are only proven effective for a few minutes after each application.  These factors make traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers a less than optimal choice for use in children.  Because Zetrisil® is safer than traditional agents and remains on the skin for several hours, children are protected longer without the need for frequent applications of sanitizer.

ESC’s pending EPA- & Health Canada-registered surface sanitizer/disinfectant is proven to kill 99.9% of virus particles initially after a single application, with increased persistence kill of 99.99% after 30 days.  These kill rates required only a single 10 min contact time against the COVID-19 virus.  ESC is closely working with EPA with the N list registration process for this product. 

ESC’s pending EPA- & Health Canada-registered Laundry Complete sanitizer/fabric softener is proven to kill 99.99% of the COVID-19 virus when used as a pre-soak or in the rinse cycle of a conventional clothes washing cycle, with the washed clothes continuing to kill 99.0% of the virus for 200 days after the initial wash. The company believes, based on these studies, that simply washing your clothes weekly can dramatically reduce the transfer from school to the home environment.

Special Projects Director Angela McClure, who oversaw the UAH testing, said in a statement:

“I truly believe Zetrisil® is the miracle product we’ve been waiting for to help keep our children safe as they return to school.  Using these three products together will give parents the confidence they are looking for in sending their kids back to school.  Parents can then return to work, which in turn will keep our economy moving.

“These ESC products have completed rigorous testing and have shown that not only are they completely safe for use on mass transit and aircraft, they are less toxic to humans and the environment than traditional sanitizers.

“The company is in the process of submitting testing data to the EPA & Health Canada.  The question for these regulatory agencies is how to address persistency-of-kill claims, particularly given the 200 days protection per application of Laundry Complete.  The unique persistence of Zetrisil® falls outside of their standard testing protocols, and they are literally developing new protocols for this revolutionary product.”

The company believes that these 3 products, when used together, will drastically reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our schools and communities, save lives, and keep our economy moving.

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