Expert Financial Planner and Founder of The Hajdari Group Weighs in on Recent Wall Street Short-Selling Debacle and Continued Role of Stock-Trading Platforms for Retail Investors

NEW YORK, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Financial analyst and President of The Hajdari Group, Zaim Hajdari ( recently spoke about the current short-selling scandal embroiling both Wall Street and the related online trading industry. Though the media focus has been on hedge funds, short sellers, Redditors, and the role of trading platforms, Hajdari believes what is really being lost in all the noise is a host of average retail investors and their valid concerns; a vulnerable group that stands to suffer permanent financial harm. The Hajdari Group is well positioned to observe and offer comments on recent Wall Street events as a boutique investment firm that gained notoriety for its innovative Sharia-compliant investment services: InvestHalal.

Working in the heart of New York City’s financial industry, Zaim Hajdari watched the Reddit trading event happen with growing alarm: “My first thought was this was either a group of people trying to artificially inflate the stock to make a quick profit at any cost, or a group who thought they were sparking some sort of financial “revolution” – as they saw it. Both groups are equally misguided, and display a stark lack of knowledge about how the market works; and, more importantly, what the market is supposed to do.”

“The market should be used to invest in healthy, growing companies – to lift those companies up, and in that lifting, rise with them. What we saw with this social media group’s trading was pure gambling, not investing. It was simply a group of irresponsible gamblers who valued quick-profit over sustained growth. And the market has certainly weathered these types before. But it always leaves a trail of wreckage, and unfortunately, that wreckage hurts normal, everyday investors the most.”

When asked about hedge funds and online trading platforms, Hajdari noted: “No mistake about it: there are hedge funds and short-sellers who have lost billions. But honestly, there are also hedge funds that have made hundreds of millions on this debacle too. So, who do you sympathize with? Both sides know the risks. My concern is for the individual investors whose portfolios are negatively impacted by these events – the average, good people who come into my office and ask: ‘Is this going to hurt my family?’ People who rely upon their investments to support whole families.”

Hajdari concluded: “Those are the individuals who deserve answers – who deserve a real hard look at what trading platforms will and will not allow. It’s not a matter of arbitrary trading rules to benefit a few – we’re talking about guarding against those who routinely take a bull-in-a-china-shop trading approach. Robinhood, TD Ameritrade and other platforms have to answer to their investors – the average customers who trade in good faith and stand to lose everything if these platforms go down because of recklessness. Individual investors who feel like they’ve gamed the system are just fooling themselves – even though I think we’ll now see a rise in hedge funds and other institutions leveraging these social media platforms for their own benefit. But it takes a professional to really understand the nuances and far-flung future consequences of this type of behavior. The Reddit investors are likely already losing millions in just days.”

“For honest retail investors, I offer a simple truth that isn’t going to change anytime soon: Gambling with your assets will only bring sorrow. But if you invest in a diversity of quality companies, over the long term, you are much more likely to be successful.”

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Zaim Hajdari, President

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