Femarelle® is Helping Women to Withstand Estrogen Decline Symptoms from as Early as Their 40s

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Menstrual fluctuations starting in women’s 40s are the first telltale sign of estrogen decline. Although women see and feel this change, many women are surprised to learn that this primary hormonal shift is linked to a variety of additional symptoms, such as mood changes, brain fog, sleep disturbances, weight gain and changes in skin elasticity.

The steroid hormone, estrogen, plays a number of roles in maintaining a healthy body, and one of those roles includes attaching to specialized receptors. Only estrogen or molecules with a close enough structure to estrogen are able to bind with estrogen receptors, which are found throughout the woman’s body. While most women may never notice the effects of estrogen while it is functioning properly, as soon as the levels of estrogen in the body start to decline, the result is felt in a way that can be severely life-altering.

For women in their 40s that start to see the primary hormonal shifts, Femarelle® Rejuvenate offers a natural solution to regain their inner balance and relieve the bothersome symptoms that affect their daily life, reducing stress, providing better sleep and increased energy levels.

Femarelle® utilizes the ingredient DT56a, a natural compound derived from soy that is able to connect to estrogen receptors in the woman’s body, restoring balance and thus control the deficiency state, without being perceived by the body as estrogen. Furthermore, the unique ability of DT56a in Femarelle® is that it only connects to targeted receptors, not affecting the reproductive tissues, such as the uterus or the breast, if affected it can lead to unwanted health risks.

Femarelle® Rejuvenate aims to ensure that women as young as their forties are empowered with the knowledge to recognize estrogen decline and have the ability to cope with it in a natural, healthy way, without having to take hormones. Femarelle® Rejuvenate is specifically designed for women in their forties who may have started to notice small changes in the way their body feels.

In addition to providing well-researched, scientifically-backed products, another goal of the Femarelle® line is to help eliminate some of the stigma that women feel talking about symptoms caused by the estrogen decline.

Femarelle® has already experienced considerable success as a brand, with acclaim from physicians all over the world and multiple positive customer reviews. Now, the brand is expanding their online and in-store reach to make their products available to a larger audience in the United States.

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